Top 20 YouTubers celebrities in China

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 YouTubers celebrities [Updated November 30, 2022].

1. Yumi King

Yumi King net worth 2020
Yumi King was born on April 26, 1991 in China.
She has a strong following on Instagram of more than 50,000.

2. Hanna Vanharanta

Hanna Vanharanta net worth 2020
Hanna Vanharanta was born on February 5, 2003 in Hong Kong, China.
She has amassed more than 150,000 YouTube subscribers. Some of her most popular videos have included "跟我一齊返學的一天 //A day in my life in high school" and "我是誰?混血兒 DNA test// Eurasian's DNA test."

3. Ali Reza

Ali Reza was born on May 13, 1996 in China.
He has also been known for his compilation and reaction videos, the latter regarding movie trailers,web culture, music and more.

4. Kina Shen

Kina Shen net worth 2020
Kina Shen was born on June 21, 1992 in China.
She interned for a Chinese fashion-clothing brand called Ellassay.

5. Kelvin Ni

Kelvin Ni net worth 2020
Kelvin Ni was born on August 24, 1995 in Fuzhou, China.
His main YouTube channel has earned over 61 million views. 

6. Karen Yeung

Karen Yeung net worth 2020
Karen Yeung was born on April 25, 1990 in Hong Kong, China.
Her YouTube channel slogan of "Red Trends for the Cheeky Girl" is indicative of the "toughness of the city and the lax suburban lifestyle" style she is influenced by.

7. ImSoChubby

ImSoChubby net worth 2020
ImSoChubby was born on June 14, 2003 in Xi'an, China.
The most viewed videos on her channel became "Squishy Dares!!" and "EXTREME SQUISHY DARES!"

8. Henry Zhang

Henry Zhang net worth 2020
Henry Zhang was born on January 6, 2000 in Shenyang, China.
He posted a popular series of videos called "Light Marble Race." 

9. Heily Chong

Heily Chong net worth 2020
Heily Chong was born on December 12, 1992 in Hong Kong, China.
He became a part-time TV host and voice actor for the Canadian-Chinese channel Fairchild TV. He was part of an award-winning Hong Kong-based boy group called Project Boyz Power in 2016. He graduated from Ryerson University as part of their Governance and Politics program in 2017. He launched a Chinese YouTube channel called '暗網仔' (Deep Web Kid) and it has grown to over 100,000 subscribers.

10. Eve Knorpp

Eve Knorpp net worth 2020
Eve Knorpp was born on July 8, 2009 in China.

The youngest adopted daughter of the Knorpp family, she stars alongside her parents, Mike and Megan, and her eight siblings on the YouTube channel Knorpp and South. The family vlogging channel has earned upwards of 250,000 subscribers.

Her parents discussed her adoption story in the video "Get to know us : EVE : RV Fulltime w/9 kids."

11. Esther Knorpp

Esther Knorpp net worth 2020
Esther Knorpp was born on May 26, 2003 in China.
She has seen her YouTube channel amass more than 250,000 subscribers. She has frequently been featured in her own vlog entries on her family's YouTube channel.

12. DT Studios

DT Studios net worth 2020
DT Studios was born on January 1, 2006 in Hong Kong, China.
His first video to surpass 2 million views was "DIY Coin Fidget Spinner."

13. Asian Beauty Secrets

Asian Beauty Secrets net worth 2020
Asian Beauty Secrets was born on January 5, 1986 in Shanghai, China.
She became a part of a hugely popular collaborative channel on YouTube called Off the Great Wall that had reached 500,000 subscribers in April of 2016.

14. Gigi Huang

Gigi Huang net worth 2020
Gigi Huang was born on May 1, 2001 in China.
She has sold a variety of her own products, including squishies, wrist pads, and more.

15. Nelson Chan

Nelson Chan net worth 2020
Nelson Chan was born on November 12, 1991 in China.
He has amassed more than 340,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel since its beginning. One of his most popular videos there, "Basketball Stereotypes!," has earned more than 1.5 million views.

16. Oh Emma

Oh Emma net worth 2020
Oh Emma was born on March 18, 1991 in China.
She has also earned more than 240,000 followers to her oops_ohemma Instagram account. 

17. Olivia Sui

Olivia Sui net worth 2020
Olivia Sui was born on August 14, 1993 in China.
As a guest-actress, she has been seen on MonkWeeds, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

18. Pearl Knorpp

Pearl Knorpp net worth 2020
Pearl Knorpp was born on October 29, 2006 in China.
She was the star of the July 2016 video "Get to know us : Pearl : RV Fulltime w/9 kids."

19. Princess Sakura Serenity

Princess Sakura Serenity net worth 2020
Princess Sakura Serenity was born on January 25, 1997 in China.
She has earned more than 550,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. One of her most popular videos there, "'You Don't Know Me' Episode 1 (Miraculous Ladybug Audio Drama)," has amassed more than 2 million views. 

20. Pumpkin Jenn

Pumpkin Jenn net worth 2020
Pumpkin Jenn was born on February 4, 1994 in Hong Kong, China.
She is a talented illustrator and is known for having posted photos of her artwork on Instagram.