Top 20 YouTubers celebrities in Brazil

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 YouTubers celebrities [Updated March 31, 2023].

1. Pedro Afonso Rezende

Pedro Afonso Rezende was born on August 24, 1996 in Brazil.
One of his most popular videos "Rap Minecraft Paraíso | Ft TAUZ (Minecraft Animation)" earned upwards of 10 million views in less than six months.

2. Felipe Neto

Felipe Neto net worth 2020
Felipe Neto was born on January 21, 1988 in Brazil.
He became CEO of Paramaker, one of Brazil's largest entertainment companies.

3. Marco Tulio

Marco Tulio net worth 2020
Marco Tulio was born in Itabira, Brazil.
His channel has earned over 19 million subscribers.

4. Valentina Pontes

Valentina Pontes net worth 2020
Valentina Pontes was born on January 15, 2012 in Brazil.
She has helped her YouTube channel grow to amass more than 20 million subscribers. She has also garnered more than 800,000 followers to her personal valentinapontesofc Instagram account. 

5. Lukas Marques

Lukas Marques was born on September 10, 1995 in Brazil.
He is a member of the 1 million follower club on Instagram and Twitter, accumulating more than 3.2 million and 1.4 million followers on the social platforms, respectively.

6. Tarik Pacanhan

Tarik Pacanhan net worth 2020
Tarik Pacanhan was born on July 26, 1995 in Brazil.

YouTube gamer who is known for running the TazerCraft channel alongside his partner Mike Linnyker. He and Mike have gained widespread popularity for their Minecraft gameplay videos.

The TazerCraft channel has amassed more than 12 million subscribers. One of their most popular videos, "MORREMOS DE SUSTO! - Five Nights at Freddy's MULTIPLAYER!," has earned more than 13.5 million total views.

7. Gato Galactico

Gato Galactico was born on January 23, 1990 in Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil.
The videos on his channel have been viewed more than 3.9 billion times.

8. Renato Garcia

Renato Garcia net worth 2020
Renato Garcia was born on April 7, 1995 in Brazil.
He has amassed more than 19 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He has also gained more than 4.5 million followers to his renatogarciayt Instagram account. 

9. Flavia Calina

Flavia Calina was born on August 23, 1982 in Brazil.
She has amassed more than 7 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. One of her most popular videos there, "MEU PARTO NORMAL - NASCIMENTO DA BABY V," has earned more than 10.5 million total views.

10. T3ddy

T3ddy net worth 2020
T3ddy was born on December 16, 1994 in Brazil.
He also has an exceptionally large fan base on his t3ddyyyy Instagram, amassing 4.1 million followers.

11. João Caetano

João Caetano net worth 2020
João Caetano was born on September 8, 1998 in Brazil.
He has accrued over 1 million followers on his joaocaetano Instagram account. 

12. Christian Figueiredo

Christian Figueiredo net worth 2020
Christian Figueiredo was born on June 6, 1994 in Brazil.
His popular videos "FUI TRAÍDO?!" and "BOLICHE DOS YOUTUBERS!" each have over 2 million views.

13. Lucas Lira

Lucas Lira was born on April 16, 1995 in Brazil.
On Instagram, he has more than 5 million followers, and on Twitter, he has more than 3.2 million followers. 

14. Mell Rossi

Mell Rossi net worth 2020
Mell Rossi was born on November 6, 2016 in Brazil.
She visited Disney's Magic Kingdom in January 2018.

15. Deni

Deni net worth 2020
Deni was born on February 1, 2002 in Brazil.
He published a water bottle flip challenge video that was viewed more than 2 million times. 

16. Mussoumano

Mussoumano net worth 2020
Mussoumano was born on April 22, 1990 in Florianopolis, Brazil.
He created a video game called Mussoumano: Saving Latifas that features himself as the lead character.

17. Gabriel Brianez

Gabriel Brianez net worth 2020
Gabriel Brianez was born on April 7, 1998 in Parana, Brazil.
One of his most popular videos, "SKYWAR SUPER ENGRAÇADO! - c/ Rezende, SirKazzio e HeyKroni - Minecraft," has earned well over 1 million views. 

18. Alex Costa

Alex Costa net worth 2020
Alex Costa was born on July 9, 1988 in Brazil.
In 2011, he received an invite from the MCN Machinima to move out to Los Angeles and become the main host of their Brazilian channel. He has also worked full-time at Google.

19. Radija Pereira

Radija Pereira net worth 2020
Radija Pereira was born on March 20, 2002 in Brazil.
She has seen her YouTube channel grow to boast more than 1.4 million subscribers. She has also earned more than 9,000 followers to her popular radijaa_pereira Instagram account. 

20. Marcos Castro

Marcos Castro net worth 2020
Marcos Castro was born on February 26, 1986 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Some of his most popular videos are part of a series called Cantadas Ruins.