Top 20 YouNow Star celebrities in England

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 YouNow Star celebrities [Updated May 29, 2022].

1. Katie Emily Franklin

Katie Emily Franklin net worth 2020
Katie Emily Franklin was born on March 16, 2001 in Oxford, England.
On her Instagram account, kt.franklin, she has posted selfies, modeling photos, and more. 

2. Kai Knight

Kai Knight net worth 2020
Kai Knight was born on August 9, 2000 in England.
He posted a lip sync video set to the DripReport song "Skechers" to his TikTok account in early 2020 and the video earned over 100,000 views. 

3. Kai Hayes

Kai Hayes net worth 2020
Kai Hayes was born on August 30, 1996 in England.
He earned an impressive Twitter following, accumulating over 40,000 followers.

4. Jodie Roebuck

Jodie Roebuck net worth 2020
Jodie Roebuck was born on January 1, 2000 in Nottingham, England.

5. Jack Sims

Jack Sims net worth 2020
Jack Sims was born on July 29, 2000 in Birmingham, England.
He broadcast live on YouNow from the Birmingham stop on the WeTalkToLiveOnTour Event on July 16, 2015. He has been sponsored by various clothing and tech brands.

6. Bailey Barney

Bailey Barney net worth 2020
Bailey Barney was born on March 15, 2000 in England.
He is known across social media as baileybarney_.

7. Luke Furnival

Luke Furnival net worth 2020
Luke Furnival was born on August 1, 1997 in Staffordshire, England.
He promotes and models for clothing companies via Instagram.

8. Olly Aston

Olly Aston net worth 2020
Olly Aston was born on November 29, 2000 in England.
He was signed by the management company Big Pure Talent.

9. Owen Nutkins

Owen Nutkins net worth 2020
Owen Nutkins was born on August 12, 1999 in England.
An amateur photographer and passionate traveler, he has become popular on Instagram posting his intriguing photos from his expeditions around the world.

10. Tyler Heath

Tyler Heath net worth 2020
Tyler Heath was born on June 6, 1998 in England.
YouNow suspended his account for a brief time for an unspecified reason in December of 2014.

11. Adam Fraser

Adam Fraser net worth 2020
Adam Fraser was born on June 8, 1994 in Bedford, England.
In addition to his popularity on YouNow, he has an incredibly engaged audience on his Twitter account, AdamFraserUK, where he has more than 70,000 followers. 

12. Jodie Frampton

Jodie Frampton net worth 2020
Jodie Frampton was born on March 3, 2002 in England.

13. Nick Ward

Nick Ward net worth 2020
Nick Ward was born on March 4, 1998 in England.
Apart from YouNow, he has also built up fanbases on and Instagram.

14. Jay Elixir

Jay Elixir net worth 2020
Jay Elixir was born on June 6, 1994 in England.
He signed with Speedsound Records and released a few EPs and signed an album deal with them. He also toured through the U.K. and U.S. in 2016. In 2018, he launched his own clothing company.

15. Jack Biggs

Jack Biggs net worth 2020
Jack Biggs was born on April 29, 1996 in England.
He has a vlog-based YouTube channel where he posts travel videos, personal stories and assorted comedy content.

16. Emma McGann

Emma McGann net worth 2020
Emma McGann was born on May 29, 1990 in England.
She is known for her signature red and blue hair. She was a nominee and finalist for an iHeartRadio Music Award in the Social Star category in 2017. She was a Shorty Awards Finalist 2016 for YouNower of the Year and again in 2018 for Livestreamer of the Year. 

17. Ellis Myatt

Ellis Myatt net worth 2020
Ellis Myatt was born on September 16, 1999 in England.
He also shares his content to YouNow, where he has amassed over 10,000 followers.

18. Alfie Hawkins

Alfie Hawkins net worth 2020
Alfie Hawkins was born on April 10, 2002 in London, England.
One of his most popular videos is "British Boy Tries American Candy" posted in July 2015.

19. Aaron Mackay

Aaron Mackay net worth 2020
Aaron Mackay was born on June 16, 1999 in England.
His most popular social media account is his Twitter with more than 70,000 followers.

20. Harry Strawson

Harry Strawson net worth 2020
Harry Strawson was born in England.