Top 20 Wrestler celebrities in England

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Wrestler celebrities [Updated March 26, 2023].

1. Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett net worth 2020
Wade Barrett was born on August 10, 1980 in City Of Preston, England.
He appeared in the 2013 film Dead Man Down starring Colin Farrell

Net Worth 2020: $7 Million

2. Paige

Paige net worth 2020
Paige was born on August 17, 1992 in England.

Net Worth 2020: $3 million (2018)

3. Pac

Pac net worth 2020
Pac was born on August 22, 1986 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
His penchant for acrobatic moves in the ring has earned him nicknames like "The Jumping Geordie" and "The Man That Gravity Forgot."

4. Nigel McGuinness

Nigel McGuinness net worth 2020
Nigel McGuinness was born on January 23, 1976 in London, England.
Some of his signature moves included arm drags, headbutts, and shootkicks.

5. Jack Gallagher

Jack Gallagher net worth 2020
Jack Gallagher was born on January 7, 1990 in Manchester, England.
In 2015, he embarked on a mixed martial arts career.

6. Magnus

Magnus net worth 2020
Magnus was born on November 6, 1986 in Docking, England.
In the Total N Action Wrestling promotion, he went from a solo gladiator to part of the villainous British Invasion tag team.

7. Layla Young

Layla Young net worth 2020
Layla Young was born on June 25, 1977 in London, England.
She was first introduced to WWE audiences in the 2006 WWE Diva Search.

8. Layla El

Layla El net worth 2020
Layla El was born on June 25, 1977 in London, England.
She was first introduced to WWE audiences in the 2006 WWE Diva Search.

9. Eric Tovey

Eric Tovey net worth 2020
Eric Tovey was born on January 3, 1929 in England.
He appeared in Wrestlemania III in 1987 in front of 93,173 fans, which became the largest pro wrestling attendance in North American history.

10. Paul Burchill

Paul Burchill net worth 2020
Paul Burchill was born on October 8, 1979 in England.
In 2009, Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked him as the 123rd best wrestler in the world on their top 500 list.

11. Robbie Brookside

Robbie Brookside net worth 2020
Robbie Brookside was born on March 11, 1966 in England.
He had his most success in Britain, where he earned heavyweight championships in the All Star Wrestling and Frontier Wrestling Alliance promotions.

12. Steven Lewington

Steven Lewington net worth 2020
Steven Lewington was born on February 25, 1983 in England.
He retired from professional wrestling in January 2010.

13. Shirley Crabtree

Shirley Crabtree was born on November 14, 1930 in Halifax, England.
He was the inspiration for the 80's comic book "Buster."

14. Dynamite Kid

Dynamite Kid net worth 2020
Dynamite Kid was born on December 5, 1958 in England.

English former professional wrestler known for being one half of the tag team duo British Bulldogs with his cousin Davey Boy Smith. In 2003, the duo were ranked fifth on Pro Wrestling Illustrated's list of the 100 Greatest Tag Teams.

He is the inspiration behind the Dynamite Tommy character in the 80's wrestling arcade game Mat Mania.

15. Davey Boy Smith

Davey Boy Smith net worth 2020
Davey Boy Smith was born on November 27, 1962 in Manchester, England.
His Summerslam 92 main event match (where he won his intercontinental championship belt) against his brother-in-law Bret "The Hitman" Hart, was recorded as WWF's top selling pay per view match in history. His daughter is model and actress Georgia Smith.

16. Marty Scurll

Marty Scurll net worth 2020
Marty Scurll was born on July 26, 1988 in England.
He's been part of Leaders of the New School, a wrestling tag team. He's hosted Wrestle Talk TV.

17. Nathan Cruz

Nathan Cruz net worth 2020
Nathan Cruz was born on September 10, 1990 in Kingston upon Hull, England.
He competed in WWE live events during a week-long tour in May 2014.

18. Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne net worth 2020
Pete Dunne was born on November 9, 1993 in Birmingham, England.
He is the founder of the clothing line Defend Indy Wrestling.

19. Thomas Latimer

Thomas Latimer net worth 2020
Thomas Latimer was born on August 6, 1986 in England.
He is a brand ambassador for the sports nutrition company Anabolic Designs. 

20. Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay net worth 2020
Will Ospreay was born on May 7, 1993 in England.
His popularity has earned him more than 190,000 followers on Twitter.