Top 20 Wrestler celebrities in Australia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Wrestler celebrities [Updated March 29, 2023].

1. Emma

Emma net worth 2020
Emma was born on March 1, 1989 in Melbourne, Australia.
She played herself on the web series The JBL and Cole Show.

2. Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy net worth 2020
Buddy Murphy was born on September 26, 1988 in Melbourne, Australia.
He appeared as a downloading character in the video game WWE 2k16.

3. Jessie McKay

Jessie McKay net worth 2020
Jessie McKay was born on June 23, 1989 in Australia.
She went to the same high school as fellow wrestler KC Cassidy. 

4. Cassie McIntosh

Cassie McIntosh net worth 2020
Cassie McIntosh was born on November 10, 1992 in Sydney, Australia.
She trained in dance at a young age and started wrestling when she was nine. She won a Prairie Wrestling Alliance Women's Championship in 2014. 

5. Demi Bennett

Demi Bennett net worth 2020
Demi Bennett was born on October 11, 1996 in Adelaide, Australia.
She competed at the WWE's 2017 Mae Young Classic, where she made her debut as Rhea Ripley. She later made her WWE NXT debut in October 2017.

6. Ladybeard

Ladybeard was born on August 2, 1982 in Australia.
He joined a band with two younger Japanese pop stars called Ladybaby. The trio would release the popular song "Japan Bun."