Top 20 World Music Singer celebrities in China

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 World Music Singer celebrities [Updated June 6, 2023].

1. Andy Hui

Andy Hui net worth 2020
Andy Hui was born on August 12, 1967 in Hong Kong, China.
He won the award for Favorite Male Singer in 2001.

Net Worth 2020: $50 Million

2. Victoria Song

Victoria Song net worth 2020
Victoria Song was born on February 2, 1987 in Qingdao, China.
She played a lead role in the Taiwanese drama When Love Walked In, which was released in 2012.

Net Worth 2020: $12 Million

3. Joo Kyulkyung

Joo Kyulkyung net worth 2020
Joo Kyulkyung was born on December 16, 1998 in Shanghai, China.
She has appeared in music videos for a number of other groups including Orange Caramel's "My Copycat" and Seventeen's "Mansae."

4. Jude Tsang

Jude Tsang net worth 2020
Jude Tsang was born on September 5, 1992 in China.
She went in concert with the female group Dear Jane in 2016. She has more than 30,000 followers on her judetsang Instagram account.

5. Alan Dawa Dolma

Alan Dawa Dolma net worth 2020
Alan Dawa Dolma was born on July 5, 1987 in China.
She performed with an orchestra at Shibuya Orchard Hall in 2010, where she sang twenty-three songs in several different languages.

6. Li Yuchun

Li Yuchun net worth 2020
Li Yuchun was born on March 10, 1984 in Chengdu, China.
She was cast in the 2018 feature film Monster Hunt 2.

7. Yoyo Sham

Yoyo Sham net worth 2020
Yoyo Sham was born on November 7, 1984 in Hong Kong, China.
She performed a song for a McDonald's advertisement in 2011.

8. Sammi Cheng Sau Man

Sammi Cheng Sau Man net worth 2020
Sammi Cheng Sau Man was born on August 19, 1972 in Hong Kong, China.
By the time Cheng was 24 years old, she had already released four greatest hits albums. 

9. Li Ronghao

Li Ronghao net worth 2020
Li Ronghao was born on July 11, 1985 in China.
In 2017, he made his acting debut when he joined the cast of the Chinese drama film Duckweed. 

10. Juno Mak

Juno Mak net worth 2020
Juno Mak was born on March 18, 1984 in Hong Kong, China.
In 2007, he launched his own clothing line known as Chapel of Dawn. 

11. Hacken Lee

Hacken Lee net worth 2020
Hacken Lee was born on December 6, 1967 in Hong Kong, China.

Vocal artist who is known for his work in the sports broadcasting, pop singing, acting, and TV hosting industries in Hong Kong. Hacken Lee is one of a select few Hong Kong-based singers to have received awards across four decades, from the 1980s to the 2010s.

Hacken Lee has had a litany of his songs top the TVB music charts in Hong Kong. In 2013, Hacken Lee won his fifth RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award for Outstanding Male Singer.

12. Oh Hyuk

Oh Hyuk was born on October 5, 1993 in Beijing, China.
For the original soundtrack of the Korean drama Reply 1988, he performed a rendition of Lee Moon-se's "A Little Girl."

13. Robynn Yip

Robynn Yip was born on August 30, 1986 in Hong Kong, China.
Outside her work with Kendy Suen, she has appeared in several YouTube videos with Wong Fu Productions

14. Han Hong

Han Hong was born on September 26, 1971 in China.
She adopted a toddler whose parents were victims of a 1999 cable car accident and wrote a song titled "It's Sunrise" in response to the tragic event.