Top 20 World Music Singer celebrities in Argentina

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 World Music Singer celebrities [Updated March 26, 2023].

1. Ricardo Montaner

Ricardo Montaner net worth 2020
Ricardo Montaner was born on July 6, 1957 in Argentina.
After recording Platinum-selling hits with romantic pop songs, he changed styles and released an orchestral work and an album of boleros.

Net Worth 2020: $40 Million

2. Lourdes Sanchez

Lourdes Sanchez net worth 2020
Lourdes Sanchez was born on March 5, 1986 in Argentina.
She hosts her own kids television series El Universo De Lourdes.

3. Abel Pintos

Abel Pintos net worth 2020
Abel Pintos was born on May 11, 1984 in Bahia Blanca, Argentina.
He won four awards in 2014 including Best Pop Album for Abel.

4. Luciano Pereyra

Luciano Pereyra net worth 2020
Luciano Pereyra was born on September 21, 1981 in Lujan, Argentina.
Dabbling in acting, he appeared in the 2003 film Tus ojos brillaban.

5. YSY A

YSY A net worth 2020
YSY A was born on July 12, 1998 in Argentina.

Trapper and founder of the popular freestyle competition El Quinto Escalón. He went viral on YouTube with songs including "Pastel Con Nutella," "Salgo A Cazar" and "Casi un G." In 2018, he formed #ModoDiablo with Duki and Neo Pistea.

His YouTube channel has 700,000 subscribers and his ysy__a Instagram account has 1.1 million followers. He put an end to El Quinto Escalón in 2017 due to creative differences with his business partner. 

6. Yoel Ansaldo

Yoel Ansaldo net worth 2020
Yoel Ansaldo was born on October 21, 1997 in Argentina.
He has performed at famous Argentine venues like the National Radio Auditorium. 

7. Nicolas Domini

Nicolas Domini net worth 2020
Nicolas Domini was born on October 22, 1994 in Argentina.
In 2018, he released the single "Tu Voz" alongside an accompanying music video.

8. Karen Britos

Karen Britos net worth 2020
Karen Britos was born on August 22, 2001 in Argentina.
She won the Premios Gardel award for Best Tropical Music Album in 2018.

9. Eugenia Quevedo

Eugenia Quevedo net worth 2020
Eugenia Quevedo was born on February 5, 1992 in Argentina.
She won the Carlos Gardel Prize for Best Tropical Album in 2017.

10. Juliana Gattas

Juliana Gattas net worth 2020
Juliana Gattas was born on August 1, 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She made her living as a jazz singer in the late 1990's.

11. Fito Paez

Fito Paez net worth 2020
Fito Paez was born on March 13, 1963 in Argentina.
He's also been active in the film industry, acting, directing, and having in his music featured in movies like Vidas Privadas, Martín (hache), and Sur.

12. Diego Verdaguer

Diego Verdaguer net worth 2020
Diego Verdaguer was born on April 26, 1951 in Argentina.
In 2009, he returned after a decade-long absence from the music industry with the hit song "Voy a Conquistarte."

13. Dalila

Dalila net worth 2020
Dalila was born on October 3, 1970 in Rosario, Argentina.
At the Carlos Gardel Awards, she won the title of Best Tropical Album Female Artist in 2008, 2012, and 2014.

14. Coti

Coti net worth 2020
Coti was born on June 14, 1973 in Rosario, Argentina.
His album Esta Mañana y Otros Cuentos was incredibly popular in Spanish-speaking countries, not only going gold in Mexico and Argentina but also double platinum in Spain.

15. Chili Fernandez

Chili Fernandez net worth 2020
Chili Fernandez was born on May 26, 1984 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
His self-titled YouTube channel features recorded live performances of his songs "Por Que" and "Eras Tu."

16. Axel Fernando Witteveen

Axel Fernando Witteveen net worth 2020
Axel Fernando Witteveen was born on January 1, 1977 in Argentina.
He made a special guest appearance on the soap opera Mi Corazón es Tuyo in 2014.

17. Andres Calamaro

Andres Calamaro net worth 2020
Andres Calamaro was born on August 22, 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He released an album of tango covers called El Cantante in 2004. His 2013 effort was titled Bohemio.

18. Amanda Miguel

Amanda Miguel net worth 2020
Amanda Miguel was born on June 1, 1956 in Gaiman, Argentina.
The title track from her album Amame Una Vez Más was nominated for a Lo Nuestro Award for Pop Song of the Year.

19. Ale Sergi

Ale Sergi net worth 2020
Ale Sergi was born on October 5, 1971 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He was a coach on the first season of The Voice Argentina in 2012.

20. Paolo Ragone

Paolo Ragone net worth 2020
Paolo Ragone was born on March 10, 1982 in Argentina.
He has amassed over 20,000 followers on Twitter.