Top 20 World Music Singer celebrities in Albania

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 World Music Singer celebrities [Updated March 26, 2023].

1. Ardit Gjebrea

Ardit Gjebrea net worth 2020
Ardit Gjebrea was born on June 7, 1963 in Tirana, Albania.
He released his self-titled debut album in 1992. He has over 550,000 followers on Instagram. 

2. Rosela Gjylbegu

Rosela Gjylbegu net worth 2020
Rosela Gjylbegu was born on March 13, 1987 in Albania.
She presented the 50th Albanian Nationwide Children's Song Festival with comedian Julian Deda.

3. Bleona Qereti

Bleona Qereti net worth 2020
Bleona Qereti was born on May 14, 1979 in Albania.
She released three #1 albums in southern Europe before turning eighteen.

4. Claydee Lupa

Claydee Lupa net worth 2020
Claydee Lupa was born on June 7, 1985 in Tirana, Albania.
As Beetkraft, he produced an award-winning song called "The End" by Reckless. Under his real name, he wrote and produced the MADTv Award-winning song "Last Summer" for Track of the Year.

5. Vani Gjuzi

Vani Gjuzi net worth 2020
Vani Gjuzi was born on August 12, 1984 in Tirana, Albania.
His first album was titled I Want Heart. 

6. Arkimed Lushaj

Arkimed Lushaj was born on June 15, 1986 in Albania.
Incredibly popular on social media, he's accumulated more than 550,000 followers on Instagram alone.

7. Ermal Fejzullahu

Ermal Fejzullahu was born on August 23, 1988 in Albania.
He was the winner of the 2015 Top Fest music competition.

8. Dhurata Ahmetaj

Dhurata Ahmetaj was born on November 16, 1992 in Albania.
She has 350,000 total followers on Instagram.

9. Ergi Dini

Ergi Dini was born on October 15, 1994 in Albania.
Following his appearance on the X Factor, he released his debut single "Morphine" in 2015.

10. Konstantinos Koufos

Konstantinos Koufos was born on October 8, 1988 in Albania.
He co-founded the band PersonaS with a friend.

11. Ingrid Gjoni

Ingrid Gjoni was born on December 24, 1981 in Tirana, Albania.
She worked as a fashion model in Greece and the United States from 1998 to 2002.

12. Eli Fara

Eli Fara was born on May 21, 1967 in Albania.
In 2015, she appeared in the documentary Dear Albania. 

13. Rozana Radi

Rozana Radi was born on July 6, 1979 in Tirana, Albania.
She participated in the series Your Face Sounds Familiar.

14. Sinan Hoxha

Sinan Hoxha was born on September 5, 1975 in Albania.
He released the album Xhelozia in 2009 and Gili Gilii 2013. He has over 190,000 followers on his sinanhoxha_ Instagram account.