Top 20 War Hero celebrities in Ireland

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 War Hero celebrities [Updated June 27, 2022].

1. David Lord

David Lord net worth 2020
David Lord was born on October 18, 1913 in Cork, Ireland.
He acted heroically during the Battle of Arnhem.

2. Juan Mackenna

Juan Mackenna net worth 2020
Juan Mackenna was born on October 26, 1771 in Ireland.
He trained the first military engineers for the Chilean Army following the Declaration of Chilean Independence.

3. Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis net worth 2020
Andrew Lewis was born on October 9, 1720 in Donegal, Ireland.
During the 1770s, he served in the Virginia House of Burgesses.

4. Lord Edward Carson

Lord Edward Carson net worth 2020
Lord Edward Carson was born on February 9, 1854 in Dublin, Ireland.
Many people have credited him with creating Northern Ireland.

5. Michael Corcoran

Michael Corcoran net worth 2020
Michael Corcoran was born on September 21, 1827 in Ireland.

6. Ian Malone

Ian Malone was born on December 8, 1974 in Ireland.
He was interviewed about his experiences in the British Army for the Radio Telefis Eireann documentary series True Lives just five months before his death.

7. Michael Mallin

Michael Mallin was born on December 1, 1874 in Ireland.

8. Herculece Mulligan

Herculece Mulligan was born on September 25, 1740 in Ireland.
He helped knock down a statue of King George III in Bowling Green in 1776.