Top 20 War Hero celebrities in England

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 War Hero celebrities [Updated December 8, 2022].

1. Isaac Brock

Isaac Brock net worth 2020
Isaac Brock was born on October 6, 1769 in England.
He held the position of Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada.

Net Worth 2020: $6 Million

2. Nicholas Winton

Nicholas Winton net worth 2020
Nicholas Winton was born on May 19, 1909 in England.
He was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire for his work establishing Abbeyfield homes for the elderly in 1983.

3. Nathaniel Bacon

Nathaniel Bacon net worth 2020
Nathaniel Bacon was born on January 2, 1647 in England.
Historians surmise that Bacon may have carried out his now-famous rebellion as the result of a personal grudge against Governor William Berkeley, rather than as a legitimate response to Native Americans' violence against English settlers.

4. George Arthur Knowland

George Arthur Knowland net worth 2020
George Arthur Knowland was born on August 16, 1922 in England.
He died while protecting his troop by placing himself out in the open to have a better chance of shooting enemy forces.

5. John Andre

John Andre net worth 2020
John Andre was born on May 2, 1750 in London, England.

Remembered for his association with American Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold, this British Army soldier was put to death by America's Continental Army for his acts of espionage.

A speaker of four languages and a singer, painter, and light verse writer, John Andre charmed many of his American contemporaries. United States Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, in fact, bemoaned Andre's execution.

6. Jack Churchill

Jack Churchill net worth 2020
Jack Churchill was born on September 16, 1906 in England.
He played a small role in the 1924 film The Thief of Bagdad.

7. Edmund Allenby

Edmund Allenby net worth 2020
Edmund Allenby was born on April 23, 1861 in Nottinghamshire, England.
From 1919 until 1925, he held the office of High Commissioner for Egypt and the Sudan.

8. Edith Cavell

Edith Cavell net worth 2020
Edith Cavell was born on December 4, 1865 in England.
Before devoting her life to the nursing profession, she worked as a governess in Brussels, Belgium.

9. Douglas Haig

Douglas Haig net worth 2020
Douglas Haig was born on June 19, 1861 in England.
He was a celebrated war hero until the 1960s when people began criticizing his tactics, based on the 2 million British casualties accumulated under his command.

10. Claude Choules

Claude Choules net worth 2020
Claude Choules was born on March 3, 1901 in England.
At the time of his death at age 110, he was the oldest man in Australia.

11. Sidney Godley

Sidney Godley net worth 2020
Sidney Godley was born on August 14, 1889 in England.
His medals were sold for £276,000 at an action in July 2012.

12. William Halford

William Halford net worth 2020
William Halford was born on August 18, 1841 in England.
At the end of his life, he came out of retirement to assist the Navy during World War I.

13. William Howe

William Howe net worth 2020
William Howe was born on August 10, 1729 in England.
He was a key player in the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill.

14. William de la Pole

William de la Pole net worth 2020
William de la Pole was born on October 16, 0 in England.
His nickname, "Jacknapes," became a shorthand way of calling someone brash.

15. TE Lawrence

TE Lawrence net worth 2020
TE Lawrence was born on August 16, 1888 in England.
In 1921, he served as an advisor to Winston Churchill. He was a prolific writer, and wrote several novels about his experiences.

16. Richard Lambert

Richard Lambert net worth 2020
Richard Lambert was born on September 23, 1944 in England.
He was knighted in 2011 and so adopted the title of Sir.

17. Nick Parker

Nick Parker net worth 2020
Nick Parker was born on October 13, 1954 in England.
He was appointed Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB) in 2009 as a lieutenant general. He had previously been honored in 2001 as Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the brigadier rank.

18. James Wolfe

James Wolfe net worth 2020
James Wolfe was born on January 2, 1727 in England.
He was instrumental in securing Great Britain's victory in the Seven Years War.

19. Horatio Gates

Horatio Gates net worth 2020
Horatio Gates was born on July 26, 1727 in England.
He was rumored to be involved in the Newburgh conspiracy in the Continental Army, but his involvement was never proven.

20. Harry Daniels

Harry Daniels net worth 2020
Harry Daniels was born on December 13, 1884 in England.
He braved enemy fire to cut through barbed wire that marked a German stronghold.