Top 20 War Hero celebrities in Chile

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 War Hero celebrities [Updated June 5, 2023].

1. Ignacio Carrera Pinto

Ignacio Carrera Pinto net worth 2020
Ignacio Carrera Pinto was born on February 5, 1848 in Chile.
His face appeared on the Chilean 1,000 pesos note.

2. Arturo Prat

Arturo Prat net worth 2020
Arturo Prat was born on April 3, 1848 in Chile.
His name became a Chilean battle cry after his death.

3. Carlos Condell

Carlos Condell net worth 2020
Carlos Condell was born on August 14, 1843 in Chile.
He fought in the Battle of Punta Gruesa.

4. Bernardo OHiggins

Bernardo OHiggins net worth 2020
Bernardo OHiggins was born on August 20, 1778 in Chillan, Chile.
He fought in the Chilean War of Independence.

5. Manuel Baquedano

Manuel Baquedano net worth 2020
Manuel Baquedano was born on January 1, 1823 in Santiago, Chile.
He played a key role in the events of the Revolution of 1851.

6. Patricio Lynch

Patricio Lynch net worth 2020
Patricio Lynch was born on December 18, 1825 in Chile.
He liberated Chinese slave laborers in Peru during the the War of the Pacific, recruiting some of them to fight with the Chilean Army.