Top 20 War Hero celebrities in Canada

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 War Hero celebrities [Updated June 2, 2023].

1. Leo Clarke

Leo Clarke net worth 2020
Leo Clarke was born on December 1, 1892 in Canada.
The street Valour Road in Winnipeg was renamed after Clarke and other war heroes.

2. Arthur Currie

Arthur Currie net worth 2020
Arthur Currie was born on December 5, 1875 in Canada.
He became Vice Chancellor of Montreal's McGill University in 1920.

3. Tommy Prince

Tommy Prince net worth 2020
Tommy Prince was born on October 25, 1915 in Canada.
He spent three days behind enemy lines disguised as a farmer during World War II.

4. James Leroy

James Leroy net worth 2020
James Leroy was born on April 3, 1947 in Canada.
In 2002 "Touch of Magic" received a Classic Award after reaching 100,000 radio plays on Canadian radio.

5. George Kenney

George Kenney net worth 2020
George Kenney was born on August 6, 1889 in Canada.
He test-flew new airplane models and was involved in figuring out how to mount machine guns on aircraft.

6. Daniel Gunther

Daniel Gunther net worth 2020
Daniel Gunther was born on January 13, 1969 in Canada.
The accounts of his death vary: he was either killed by a mortar or by an anti-artillery rocket.

7. Ben Lear

Ben Lear net worth 2020
Ben Lear was born on May 12, 1879 in Canada.
He ordered an entire regiment of soldiers to walk fifteen miles in hot, unrelenting sunlight after some of the soldiers had cat-called passing women.

8. Laura Secord

Laura Secord net worth 2020
Laura Secord was born on September 13, 1775 in Canada.
She became the subject of much Canadian folklore and was also given a memorial in Canada's capital.

9. Rob Furlong

Rob Furlong was born on November 11, 1976 in Canada.
He successfully shot and killed a member of Al Qaeda from the top of a 2,430 meters-high hill.