Top 20 Violinist celebrities in Russia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Violinist celebrities [Updated March 26, 2023].

1. Maxim Vengerov

Maxim Vengerov net worth 2020
Maxim Vengerov was born on August 20, 1974 in Russia.
He worked as UNICEF’s Envoy for Music, which is a program that brings music to children across the world.

2. Viktoria Mullova

Viktoria Mullova net worth 2020
Viktoria Mullova was born on November 27, 1959 in Russia.

Founder of the Mullova Chamber Ensemble and winner of the 1980 International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition and the 1982 International Tchaikovsky Competition.

She fled the Soviet Union with one of her lovers while on tour in Finland and was driven across the border of Sweden by a Finnish Broadcasting Company journalist.

3. Ilya Kaler

Ilya Kaler net worth 2020
Ilya Kaler was born on June 2, 1963 in Russia.
He has performed with the Tempest Trio, which includes Amit Peled on cello and Alon Goldstein on piano.

4. Alina Ibragimova

Alina Ibragimova net worth 2020
Alina Ibragimova was born on September 28, 1985 in Russia.
She worked under the guidance of Yehudi Menuhin and played the slow movement in Bach's double violin concerto for Menuhin's funeral, which she had previously played under his instruction at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 50th Anniversary Celebration in France.

5. Alexander Markov

Alexander Markov net worth 2020
Alexander Markov was born on January 24, 1963 in Russia.
He was featured in a film by Bruno Monsaingeon playing Paganini's "24 Caprices."

6. Aleksey Igudesman

Aleksey Igudesman net worth 2020
Aleksey Igudesman was born on July 22, 1973 in Russia.
His first film, Noseland, is a full-length documentary about classical musicians and premiered in 2012 at the Transilvanian International Film Festival.

7. Shlomo Mintz

Shlomo Mintz net worth 2020
Shlomo Mintz was born on October 30, 1957 in Russia.
He has given many master classes around the world.

8. Vadim Repin

Vadim Repin net worth 2020
Vadim Repin was born on August 31, 1971 in Russia.
He frequents many festivals, including Tanglewood.

9. Vladimir Spivakov

Vladimir Spivakov net worth 2020
Vladimir Spivakov was born on September 12, 1944 in Russia.
He started a charity called the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation to support less fortunate children in their musical studies.

10. Victor Tretiakov

Victor Tretiakov was born on October 17, 1946 in Russia.
He has taught at the Moscow State Conservatory.