Top 20 Violinist celebrities in France

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Violinist celebrities [Updated June 1, 2023].

1. Jean-Luc Ponty

Jean-Luc Ponty net worth 2020
Jean-Luc Ponty was born on September 29, 1942 in France.

French jazz and rock violinist who has also worked as a composer and who has worked with artists like Frank Zappa.

He was on two releases with the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

2. Esther Abrami

Esther Abrami net worth 2020
Esther Abrami was born on October 16, 1996 in France.
She won the 2017 Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition. 

3. Mapy

Mapy net worth 2020
Mapy was born on August 13, 1990 in Paris, France.
She joined Airplay Musical Group in 2013 and performed at Paris Fashion Week as well as luxury events for Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and many more. She performed on TF1's The Voice and in 2019, she played at Trinidad Carnival. 

4. Renaud Capucon

Renaud Capucon net worth 2020
Renaud Capucon was born on January 27, 1976 in France.
His brother, Gautier Capucon, had a career as a cellist.

5. Jean-Pierre Wallez

Jean-Pierre Wallez was born on March 18, 1939 in France.

6. Sandrine Cantoreggi

Sandrine Cantoreggi was born on May 29, 1969 in France.
She gained Luxembourgish citizenship in 2005.