Top 20 TV Show Host celebrities in Angola

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 TV Show Host celebrities [Updated March 26, 2023].

1. Canicia Rodrigues

Canicia Rodrigues net worth 2020
Canicia Rodrigues was born on June 18, 1990 in Lubango, Angola.
She won a 2009 Promessa da Música Award.

2. Carlos Castro

Carlos Castro net worth 2020
Carlos Castro was born on October 5, 1945 in Angola.
He appeared on the paranormal show when British medium Anne Germain claimed that he had contacted her.

3. Claudio Ramos

Claudio Ramos net worth 2020
Claudio Ramos was born on November 11, 1973 in Luanda, Angola.
In 2016, he published a book titled Equilibrium. 

4. Barbara Guimaraes

Barbara Guimaraes net worth 2020
Barbara Guimaraes was born on April 21, 1973 in Lubango, Angola.
She has presented the Portuguese Golden Globes. 

5. Lia Tchissola

Lia Tchissola was born on November 16, 1997 in Angola.
She is known for being a television host on the TVI series Secret Story Portugal. 

6. Patricia Miranda Pacheco

Patricia Miranda Pacheco was born on April 30, 1972 in Angola.
She's also hosted live standup comedy showcases and contests for the popular GOZ'AQUI digital network and live entertainment company.