Top 20 TV Actor celebrities in China

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 TV Actor celebrities [Updated October 2, 2022].

1. Guo Fiction

Guo Fiction net worth 2020
Guo Fiction was born on October 1, 1997 in Changchun, China.
He was a guest-star in an episode of Fresh Sunday in 2016, as well as a couple of episodes of 72 Floors of Mystery in 2017.

2. Gavin Stenhouse

Gavin Stenhouse net worth 2020
Gavin Stenhouse was born on April 4, 1986 in Hong Kong, China.

British Hong Kong-born English actor who was a regular on the series Allegiance as Alex O'Connor. Gavin Stenhouse appeared in the acclaimed Black Mirror episode "San Junipero" and was cast in Freeform's TV movie Life-Size 2.

On stage, Gavin Stenhouse acted in over 200 performances of Richard III (play), directed by Sam Mendes.

3. Bob Lamshingbun

Bob Lamshingbun net worth 2020
Bob Lamshingbun was born on September 24, 1979 in Hong Kong, China.
He has over 170,000 followers on his Instagram account. 

4. Lai Lok-yi

Lai Lok-yi net worth 2020
Lai Lok-yi was born on June 15, 1980 in Hong Kong, China.
He made his feature film debut in the 2010 crime film Bad Blood. He then went on to appear in Womb Ghosts and I Love Hong Kong. 

5. Tony Hung

Tony Hung net worth 2020
Tony Hung was born on December 6, 1983 in Hong Kong, China.
He is also a writer and is known for having published the book Tony's Secret Holiday. 

6. Huang Qian Shuo

Huang Qian Shuo was born on June 7, 1987 in China.
He is also known by the name of Huang Hua.

7. Kuan Lin

Kuan Lin was born on February 7, 1991 in China.
He studied at The School of Arts and Energy before becoming a full-time actor. 

8. Song Weilong

Song Weilong was born on March 25, 1999 in China.
He received the Newcomer of the Year award at the 14th Esquire Man At His Best Awards in 2017.

9. Xu Kai Cheng

Xu Kai Cheng was born on August 8, 1990 in Shanghai, China.
His TV debut came in 2013 for a series called Queen of SOP II.

10. Yi Long Zhu

Yi Long Zhu was born on April 16, 1988 in China.
He is known for having won the Most Anticipated Actor award at the Asian Influence Awards Oriental Ceremony in 2014 for his role on the show Love Three Lives. 

11. Zhehan Zhang

Zhehan Zhang was born on May 11, 1991 in China.
He is also known for his music and is credited with having performed the song "Invincible" in the 2017 film Above the Clouds and "Graceful" in the 2015 film Legend of Ban Shu. 

12. Zhang Ming'en

Zhang Ming'en was born on May 6, 1995 in China.

Chinese actor who is known for having starred as the main character in the spin-off series Tiger Bones Plum Blossom. Zhang Ming'en is also known for having starred in the web series Tientsin Mystic. 

Zhang Ming'en is known for having won the Best New Actor award at the 6th iQiyi All-Star Carnival awards in 2016 for his performance in The Mystic Nine. 

13. Lin Yi

Lin Yi was born on January 11, 1999 in China.

Chinese actor and model who is best recognized for his main role on the 2019 Chinese drama series Put Your Head on My Shoulder. Lin Yi is also recognized for his recurring role on the drama series Daxi Make a Wish. 

Lin Yi is also known for having earned management representation from the Tangren Media company beginning in 2015. 

14. Ben Wong

Ben Wong was born on October 20, 1967 in Hong Kong, China.
A television presenter as well as an actor, he hosted the 1998 Miss Hong Kong pageant.

15. Jia Nailiang

Jia Nailiang was born on April 12, 1984 in Harbin, China.
He is known for having won the Best Actor award at the 8th annual Huading Awards in 2012 for his work in the film My Mom and My Mother-in-Law. 

16. Mat Yeung

Mat Yeung was born on February 27, 1981 in Hong Kong, China.
He briefly dabbled in entrepreneurship, opening a short-lived clothing store and a Chinese mitten crab business. 

17. Ram Chiang

Ram Chiang was born on July 16, 1961 in China.

Beloved television actor and acclaimed film star who has become known for his recurring roles in Can't Buy Me Love and Come on, Cousin. He has also starred in numerous feature films like The Legend of Drunken Master with Jackie Chan and 2007's Whispers and Moans. 

He lent his voice to the Cantonese version of Pixar's Inside Out in 2015. He played the character Fear, originally voiced by Bill Hader

18. Yiu Cheung Lai

Yiu Cheung Lai was born on May 4, 1964 in Hong Kong, China.
He has won several awards for his acting including several Best Actor awards at the TVB Anniversary Awards for his performances in No Regrets, Rosy Business, and The Gentle Crackdown. 

19. Tak-bun Wong

Tak-bun Wong was born on April 30, 1963 in China.

Television and film actor who is best known for his roles in Voodoo, High Risk, and Raging Fire. Tak-bun Wong has also appeared in the 2017 film Colour of the Game. 

Tak-bun Wong has appeared in the television series When Heaven Burns.