Top 20 Triathlete celebrities in Switzerland

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Triathlete celebrities [Updated June 2, 2023].

1. Daniela Ryf

Daniela Ryf net worth 2020
Daniela Ryf was born on May 29, 1987 in Switzerland.
She has won several gold medals for her Ironman World Championships including in 2017 in Chattanooga, in 2015 in Zell am See, and 2014 in Mont-Tremblant. 

2. Nicola Spirig

Nicola Spirig net worth 2020
Nicola Spirig was born on February 7, 1982 in Switzerland.
In 2011 she won a silver medal at the ITU Team Triathlon World Championships.

3. Brigitte McMahon

Brigitte McMahon net worth 2020
Brigitte McMahon was born on March 25, 1967 in Switzerland.
She retired in 2005 after receiving a two-year ban for doping.

4. Natascha Badmann

Natascha Badmann net worth 2020
Natascha Badmann was born on December 6, 1966 in Switzerland.
She is known best for being a force during the bike leg, and for smiling while competing.

5. Francisco Noya

Francisco Noya was born on March 25, 1983 in Basel, Switzerland.
For much of his early career, he had to fight simply to compete, as the discovery of an abnormal heart valve in 2000 led to Spanish sports governing bodies banning him from international competition.