Top 20 Triathlete celebrities in Australia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Triathlete celebrities [Updated June 6, 2023].

1. Tim Reed

Tim Reed net worth 2020
Tim Reed was born on March 7, 1985 in Australia.
He also works as an athletic coach and has touted his electric train collection on his Twitter profile.

Salary 2020: $800,000 a year

2. Ashleigh Gentle

Ashleigh Gentle net worth 2020
Ashleigh Gentle was born on February 25, 1991 in Brisbane, Australia.
She won the gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the mixed team relay. She previously earned a gold at the 2017 World Championships in the mixed team relay.  

3. Dylan Alcott

Dylan Alcott net worth 2020
Dylan Alcott was born on December 4, 1990 in Melbourne, Australia.
He reached the rank of 4th in the world under-18s in wheelchair tennis.

4. Emma Snowsill

Emma Snowsill net worth 2020
Emma Snowsill was born on June 15, 1981 in Gold Coast, Australia.
She won the triathlon Grand Slam, winning the Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and London triathlons.

5. Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson net worth 2020
Peter Robertson was born on February 17, 1976 in Australia.
He was named Australian Institute of Sport Athlete of the Year in 2005.

6. Michellie Jones

Michellie Jones net worth 2020
Michellie Jones was born on September 6, 1969 in Australia.
She won back-to-back ITU Triathlon World Championships in 1992 and 1993.

7. Kate Allen

Kate Allen net worth 2020
Kate Allen was born on April 25, 1970 in Australia.
In 2004 she was chosen as Austria's Sportspersonality of the Year.

8. Grant Kenny

Grant Kenny net worth 2020
Grant Kenny was born on June 14, 1963 in Maryborough, Australia.
His fame in Australia grew exponentially due to his sponsorship with Kellogg's, for whom he appeared in many commercials. 

9. Erin Densham

Erin Densham net worth 2020
Erin Densham was born on May 3, 1985 in Australia.
She made her Olympic debut in 2008, finishing in 22nd place.

10. Craig Alexander

Craig Alexander net worth 2020
Craig Alexander was born on June 22, 1973 in Australia.
In 2011 he won the Hawaii Ironman, making him the oldest competitor to ever do so.

11. Chris McCormack

Chris McCormack net worth 2020
Chris McCormack was born on April 4, 1973 in Sydney, Australia.
He is also an International Triathlon Union World Cup champion and International Triathlon Union World Champion.

12. Emma Moffatt

Emma Moffatt net worth 2020
Emma Moffatt was born on September 7, 1984 in Australia.
She won back to back gold medals at the ITU World Championships in 2009 and 2010.

13. Mirinda Carfrae

Mirinda Carfrae net worth 2020
Mirinda Carfrae was born on March 26, 1981 in Brisbane, Australia.
Her first World Championship podium came in 2005, when she placed second at the ITU Long Distance World Championships.

14. Luke McKenzie

Luke McKenzie net worth 2020
Luke McKenzie was born on July 26, 1981 in Australia.

Triathlete who rose to fame for his career in long distance events throughout the world. Luke McKenzie finished in second place at the 2013 Ironman World Championship.

Luke McKenzie finished in third place at the 2001 ITU World Junior Championships. Luke McKenzie finished with the then-fastest time at the 2015 Western Australia Ironman tournament. 

15. Loretta Harrop

Loretta Harrop was born on July 17, 1975 in Australia.
She had a dominant 1999, winning gold medals at the ITU World Championships and Triathlon World Cup.

16. Nicole Hackett

Nicole Hackett was born on December 10, 1978 in Sydney, Australia.
She won a gold medal at the 2000 ITU World Championships.

17. Trudy Grahame

Trudy Grahame was born on May 29, 1971 in Australia.
Her success and notoriety have won her ambassadorships with several well-known brands like Sportkini and Garmin Australia.