Top 20 Teacher celebrities in England

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Teacher celebrities [Updated June 2, 2023].

1. Hermione Lee

Hermione Lee was born on March 1, 1948 in England.

Known for her writings on the lives and works of such prominent literary figures as Virginia Woolf, Eudora Welty, and Philip Roth, this British scholar taught English literature at several institutions of higher education and served as President of Oxford University's Wolfson College.

She wrote literary reviews for both The New York Review of Books and The Guardian and also hosted an English television program called Book Four.

2. Chris Atton

Chris Atton net worth 2020
Chris Atton was born on March 10, 1959 in Rotherham, England.
His publications include Writing about Listening: Alternative Discourses in Rock Journalism (2009) and An Alternative Internet (2004).

3. William Jones

William Jones net worth 2020
William Jones was born on September 28, 1746 in England.
At age 17 he wrote the famous poem Caissa, which told a mythical story about the origins of chess.

4. Samuel Parr

Samuel Parr net worth 2020
Samuel Parr was born on January 26, 1747 in England.
He received a law degree from the University of Cambridge in 1781, after abandoning his divinity studies.

5. Robert Burton

Robert Burton net worth 2020
Robert Burton was born on February 8, 0 in England.
His writings had an immense impact on poet and essayist Samuel Johnson.

6. Richard Bentley

Richard Bentley net worth 2020
Richard Bentley was born on January 27, 0 in England.
He was one of the key figures in the establishment of the English scholarly field of Hellenism (Greek studies).

7. John Carey

John Carey net worth 2020
John Carey was born on April 5, 1934 in England.
He served as chairman of the Man Booker Prize committee. His book-length publications include What Good Are the Arts? and The Violent Effigy: A Study of Dickens' Imagination.

8. John Brand

John Brand net worth 2020
John Brand was born on August 19, 1744 in England.
He authored the famous 1777 work Popular Antiquities.

9. George Lyttelton

George Lyttelton net worth 2020
George Lyttelton was born on January 6, 1883 in England.
He excelled in university shot put competitions, but was known as a talentless cellist.

10. Benjamin Jowett

Benjamin Jowett net worth 2020
Benjamin Jowett was born on April 15, 1817 in London, England.
He became known for translating the works of Plato, Aristotle, and Thucydides.

11. Montague Druitt

Montague Druitt net worth 2020
Montague Druitt was born on August 15, 1857 in England.
Many modern investigators into the Jack the Ripper murders have concluded that Druitt was likely not the killer.

12. Stephen Chapman

Stephen Chapman net worth 2020
Stephen Chapman was born on May 12, 1959 in England.
He is an influential figure in chemistry research and has written more than two hundred publications on the subject.

13. Terrence Barnardt

Terrence Barnardt net worth 2020
Terrence Barnardt was born on September 8, 1968 in England.
He created a chat-based meditation app called Breathe with Terrence.

14. Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson net worth 2020
Emily Wilson was born on September 28, 1971 in England.

An English professor and classicist, Emily Wilson is best known as a literary reviewer for The London Review of Books and The Times Literary Supplement. Emily Wilson's scholarly works include Mocked with Death: Tragic Overliving from Sophocles to Milton (2004) and The Death of Socrates: Hero, Villain, Chatterbox, Saint (2007).

Emily Wilson won the prestigious Rome Prize in 2006.

15. Megan Fletcher

Megan Fletcher was born on August 2, 1989 in Reading, England.
She attended the University of Bath and has worked as geography teacher.

16. Tristan Pang

Tristan Pang was born on October 18, 2001 in England.
He delivered a speech called "The Future of Education: But Not As You Know It" at New Zealand's Festival of Education.

17. TJ Binyon

TJ Binyon was born on February 18, 1936 in England.
His 2002 biography of Aleksandr Pushkin earned him the Samuel Johnson Prize in 2003.

18. Mike Tomlinson

Mike Tomlinson was born on October 17, 1942 in England.
He served as governor of the University of Hertfordshire and was a member of the Public Engagement group of the Science Museum.

19. Brian Simon

Brian Simon was born on March 26, 1915 in England.
Between 1943 and 1998, he published a number of works on education in society including A Student's View of the Universities and Education and the Social Order, 1940-1990.

20. Ian Morris

Ian Morris was born on January 27, 1960 in England.
He has published many books including The Measure of Civilisation: How Social Development Decides the Fate of Nations in 2013.