Top 20 Speed Skater celebrities in United States

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Speed Skater celebrities [Updated June 29, 2022].

1. Apolo Ohno

Apolo Ohno net worth 2020
Apolo Ohno was born on May 22, 1982 in Federal Way, United States.

American speed skater who won several medals in three Winter Olympic games, including a gold at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. He won the fourth season of Dancing with the Stars in 2007 alongside Julianne Hough.

His name comes from a combination of the Greek words 'Apo' meaning 'away from', and 'lo,' meaning 'look out'.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

2. Allison Baver

Allison Baver net worth 2020
Allison Baver was born on August 11, 1980 in Reading, United States.
She won the US National Championship in 2007. She's also modeled with Wilhelmina and worked with brands like Lululemon, Budweiser, and Nike.

Net Worth 2020: $6 Million

3. Shani Davis

Shani Davis net worth 2020
Shani Davis was born on August 13, 1982 in Chicago, United States.
He was the first black athlete to win an individual gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

Net Worth 2020: $2 Million

4. Katherine Reutter

Katherine Reutter net worth 2020
Katherine Reutter was born on July 30, 1988 in United States.
She appeared on a December 2009 episode of the Comedy Central show The Colbert Report in which host Stephen Colbert autographed her thigh.

5. Brittany Bowe

Brittany Bowe net worth 2020
Brittany Bowe was born on February 24, 1988 in United States.
She also played basketball and was a point guard at Florida Atlantic University.

6. Chris Creveling

Chris Creveling net worth 2020
Chris Creveling was born on December 29, 1986 in United States.
He took gold in the men's relay at the 2004 Inline World Championships.

7. Emery Lehman

Emery Lehman net worth 2020
Emery Lehman was born on June 13, 1996 in Chicago, United States.
He won gold at the 2013 Junior World Championships, and has held multiple national records.

8. Joey Mantia

Joey Mantia net worth 2020
Joey Mantia was born on February 7, 1986 in United States.
As an inline skater, he set multiple world records in events including the road race 500 meters and the track race 15,000 meters.

9. JR Celski

JR Celski net worth 2020
JR Celski was born on July 17, 1990 in United States.
He won two gold medals (3000m and 5000m relays) at the 2009 Vienna World Championships.

10. Bonnie Blair

Bonnie Blair net worth 2020
Bonnie Blair was born on March 18, 1964 in Cornwall, United States.
She was regarded as one of the greatest speed skaters in her era and became one of the most-decorated Olympic athletes in history.

11. Beth Heiden

Beth Heiden net worth 2020
Beth Heiden was born on September 27, 1959 in Madison, United States.
She has been inducted into both the Speed Skating Hall of Fame and the US Bicycling Hall of Fame.

12. Sheila Young

Sheila Young net worth 2020
Sheila Young was born on October 14, 1950 in United States.
In 1973 and in 1976 she won world championships in both speed skating and cycling.

13. Eric Heiden

Eric Heiden net worth 2020
Eric Heiden was born on June 14, 1958 in Madison, United States.
He was widely considered to be the greatest U.S. Olympic speed skater of all time, breaking over 10 world speed-skating records.

14. Jordan Malone

Jordan Malone net worth 2020
Jordan Malone was born on April 20, 1984 in United States.
He became the first skater, male or female, to qualify for both the short track and inline teams at the World Championships.

15. Jennifer Rodriguez

Jennifer Rodriguez net worth 2020
Jennifer Rodriguez was born on June 8, 1976 in United States.
She was given the nicknames "Miami Ice" and "J-Rod" during her career.

16. Anna Ringsred

Anna Ringsred net worth 2020
Anna Ringsred was born on September 27, 1984 in United States.
After high school she moved to Canada to further her training.

17. Dan Jansen

Dan Jansen net worth 2020
Dan Jansen was born on June 17, 1965 in Milwaukee, United States.
He learned that his sister had died of leukemia shortly before he was set to compete in a 1988 Winter Olympics competition; in spite of this, he still carried on and was given the U.S. Olympic Spirit Award for his courage.

18. Dianne Holum

Dianne Holum net worth 2020
Dianne Holum was born on May 19, 1951 in United States.
She won sprint silver at the 1972 World Sprint Championships.

19. Kyle Carr

Kyle Carr was born on September 15, 1986 in United States.
He won a bronze medal in the relay at the 2011 World Championships.

20. Jack Shea

Jack Shea was born on September 7, 1910 in United States.
He was the first American to win two gold medals in a single Olympics.