Top 20 Soccer Player celebrities in Canada

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Soccer Player celebrities [Updated January 27, 2023].

1. Dwayne De Rosario

Dwayne De Rosario net worth 2020
Dwayne De Rosario was born on May 15, 1978 in Toronto, Canada.
He made his debut for the Canadian national team in 1998.

Net Worth 2020: $9 Million

2. Sydney Leroux

Sydney Leroux net worth 2020
Sydney Leroux was born on May 7, 1990 in Surrey, Canada.
She became the all-time leading scorer on the U.S. U-20 team, with 24 goals in 39 appearances.

Net Worth 2020: $3 Million

3. Atiba Hutchinson

Atiba Hutchinson net worth 2020
Atiba Hutchinson was born on February 8, 1983 in Brampton, Canada.
He scored six goals from a mainly defensive midfield position in his 2005 season. 

Salary 2020: 750,000 EUR (2019)

4. Teal Bunbury

Teal Bunbury net worth 2020
Teal Bunbury was born on February 27, 1990 in Canada.
He joined the United States national team in 2010.

Salary 2020: 100,000 USD (2012)

5. Julian de Guzman

Julian de Guzman net worth 2020
Julian de Guzman was born on March 25, 1981 in Toronto, Canada.
He was the first Canadian to play in the Spanish La Liga, where he was also voted 2007-2008 Deportivo La Coruña Player of the Year.

Salary 2020: 1.864 million USD (2012)

6. Owen Hargreaves

Owen Hargreaves net worth 2020
Owen Hargreaves was born on January 20, 1981 in Calgary, Canada.
He was named England's Player of the Year in 2006.

Salary 2020: 1.04 million GBP (2011)

7. Rob Friend

Rob Friend net worth 2020
Rob Friend was born on January 23, 1981 in Canada.
He scored goals in 12 straight matches as a college player at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Salary 2020: 2 million EUR (2012)

8. Simon Thomas

Simon Thomas net worth 2020
Simon Thomas was born on April 12, 1990 in Canada.
He joined the Canadian national team in 2013.

9. Erin McLeod

Erin McLeod net worth 2020
Erin McLeod was born on February 26, 1983 in St. Albert, Canada.
She debuted professionally for the Vancouver Whitecaps in 2004.

10. Kara Lang

Kara Lang net worth 2020
Kara Lang was born on October 22, 1986 in Canada.
She retired in 2011 but attempted to make a comeback to help Canada in the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup. Her comeback was ended by the news that she was pregnant with her first child.

11. Kyle Porter

Kyle Porter net worth 2020
Kyle Porter was born on January 19, 1990 in Canada.
He joined the Canadian national team in 2013.

12. Kadeisha Buchanan

Kadeisha Buchanan net worth 2020
Kadeisha Buchanan was born on November 5, 1995 in Toronto, Canada.
She debuted for the Canadian national team in 2013 and, in 2015, became the first woman since Mary Lou Retton to win the Hardman Award.

13. Junior Hoilett

Junior Hoilett net worth 2020
Junior Hoilett was born on June 5, 1990 in Canada.
He is eligible to play for Canada and Jamaica at the international level.

14. Jonathan Osorio

Jonathan Osorio net worth 2020
Jonathan Osorio was born on June 12, 1992 in Canada.
He joined the Canadian national team in 2013.

15. Jonathan de Guzman

Jonathan de Guzman net worth 2020
Jonathan de Guzman was born on September 13, 1987 in Toronto, Canada.
He became known as a free-kick specialist.

16. Jessie Fleming

Jessie Fleming net worth 2020
Jessie Fleming was born on March 11, 1998 in London, Canada.
She committed to play college soccer at UCLA. She was also a junior track champion in the 3000 meters.

17. Fraser Aird

Fraser Aird net worth 2020
Fraser Aird was born on February 2, 1995 in Canada.
He joined Scotland's under-19 team in 2013.

18. Doneil Henry

Doneil Henry net worth 2020
Doneil Henry was born on April 20, 1993 in Canada.
He was a member of Toronto FC's Canadian Championship teams in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

19. Desiree Scott

Desiree Scott net worth 2020
Desiree Scott was born on July 31, 1987 in Winnipeg, Canada.
She's played professionally with the Vancouver Whitecaps of the W-League and FC Kansas City of the National Women's Soccer League.

20. Caleb Clarke

Caleb Clarke net worth 2020
Caleb Clarke was born on June 23, 1993 in Canada.
He played for the Canada U20 team in 2012.