Top 20 Sculptor celebrities in Spain

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Sculptor celebrities [Updated June 3, 2023].

1. Juan Gris

Juan Gris was born on March 23, 1887 in Madrid, Spain.
He was featured in a novel by Gertrude Stein titled The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas.

2. Fernando Villapol

Fernando Villapol net worth 2020
Fernando Villapol was born on February 23, 1953 in Spain.
His sculptures are said to combine the styles of realism, abstractism, and surrealism.

3. Eduardo Chillida

Eduardo Chillida net worth 2020
Eduardo Chillida was born on January 10, 1924 in Spain.
He had a dialogue with Martin Heidegger.

4. Antoni Tapies

Antoni Tapies net worth 2020
Antoni Tapies was born on December 13, 1923 in Spain.
He was influential during the Dada and surrealist movement.

5. Miguel Ortiz Berrocal

Miguel Ortiz Berrocal net worth 2020
Miguel Ortiz Berrocal was born on September 28, 1933 in Spain.

6. Juan de Ávalos

Juan de Ávalos was born on October 21, 1911 in Spain.

Spanish sculptor who created the famous work "Valle de los Caldos", a monument to Francisco Franco, former dictator of Spain.

He sculpted "Bernardo de Galvez", a statue that commemorates the Spanish soldier Bernardo de Galvez and was placed in Washington D.C.

7. Juan Bordes

Juan Bordes was born on July 15, 1948 in Spain.
He is also the author of several books and has organized convention programs.

8. Antonio Leon Ortega

Antonio Leon Ortega was born on December 7, 1907 in Spain.
He produced more than four hundred works, small and large.

9. Pablo Serrano

Pablo Serrano was born on March 8, 1908 in Spain.
He was part of the New Spanish Painting and Sculpture exhibition that was on show for two years at MOMA.