Top 20 Sculptor celebrities in Hungary

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Sculptor celebrities [Updated June 3, 2023].

1. István Ferenczy

István Ferenczy net worth 2020
István Ferenczy was born on February 24, 1792 in Hungary.

2. Csaba Markus

Csaba Markus net worth 2020
Csaba Markus was born on January 26, 1953 in Budapest, Hungary.
His work is usually associated with the sfumato technique.

3. Karoly Alexy

Karoly Alexy net worth 2020
Karoly Alexy was born on February 8, 1823 in Hungary.
He is most famous for his series of field marshal sculptures.

4. Gyula Donath

Gyula Donath net worth 2020
Gyula Donath was born on March 13, 1850 in Hungary.
His huge bronze Turul on the railing of the Buda Castle is considered a symbol of Budapest.

5. Janos Fadrusz

Janos Fadrusz net worth 2020
Janos Fadrusz was born on September 2, 1858 in Hungary.
His piece called Crucifix made him famous throughout Hungary.

6. Laszlo Szlavics Jr.

Laszlo Szlavics Jr. net worth 2020
Laszlo Szlavics Jr. was born on August 11, 1959 in Hungary.
He works mostly in metal and his works include every type of metal.

7. Miklos Izso

Miklos Izso net worth 2020
Miklos Izso was born on September 9, 1831 in Hungary.
His most famous statue, "Grieving Shepherd," was critically praised throughout Austria.

8. Janos Horvay

Janos Horvay was born on May 29, 1873 in Hungary.
He was also a popular artist for funeral works of art.