Top 20 Sculptor celebrities in France

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Sculptor celebrities [Updated June 3, 2023].

1. Fernand Leger

Fernand Leger net worth 2020
Fernand Leger was born on February 4, 1881 in Argentan, France.
He had his artwork featured at Museum of Modern Art in New York.

2. Edouard Lanteri

Edouard Lanteri net worth 2020
Edouard Lanteri was born on November 1, 1848 in France.
He taught at the South Kensington Arts Schools and became the college's first Professor of Modelling.

3. Antoine-Louis Barye

Antoine-Louis Barye net worth 2020
Antoine-Louis Barye was born on September 24, 1796 in France.
He wanted to be known as a sculptor of large statues, rather than small bronze ones.

4. Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois was born on December 25, 1911 in Paris, France.
She was part of the American Abstract Artists Group along with Willem De Kooning.

5. Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska net worth 2020
Henri Gaudier-Brzeska was born on October 4, 1891 in France.
His drawing style was influenced by Chinese calligraphy.

6. Jules Dalou

Jules Dalou net worth 2020
Jules Dalou was born on December 31, 1838 in France.
His work is associated with the movement of New Sculpture.

7. Joseph Chinard

Joseph Chinard net worth 2020
Joseph Chinard was born on February 12, 1756 in France.
Most of his public sculpture in Lyon was lost during the French Revolution.

8. Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux

Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux net worth 2020
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux was born on May 11, 1827 in France.
His statue of a young boy smiling was one of his most popular works.

9. Jean-Antoine Houdon

Jean-Antoine Houdon net worth 2020
Jean-Antoine Houdon was born on March 20, 1741 in France.
He became a member of the Académie de peinture et de sculpture and then became a professor.

10. Guillaume Coustou The Elder

Guillaume Coustou The Elder net worth 2020
Guillaume Coustou The Elder was born on November 29, 1677 in France.
He is best known for the famous statue the "Horse Tamers".

11. Georges Lacombe

Georges Lacombe net worth 2020
Georges Lacombe was born on June 18, 1868 in France.
He was a member of the artist group Le Nabi.

12. Frederick Ruckstull

Frederick Ruckstull net worth 2020
Frederick Ruckstull was born on May 22, 1853 in France.
His work Evening won the grand medal for sculpture at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.

13. Frederic Auguste Bartholdi

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi net worth 2020
Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was born on August 2, 1834 in Colmar, France.
The Statue of Liberty was the highest structure in New York at the time it was erected.

14. Francois Rude

Francois Rude net worth 2020
Francois Rude was born on January 4, 1784 in France.
He received the cross of the Legion of Honour for his statue of a Neapolitan Fisher Boy playing with a Tortoise.

15. Francois Giradon

Francois Giradon net worth 2020
Francois Giradon was born on February 17, 1628 in France.

French sculptor who made bronze statues, including an equestrian statue of Louis XIV, displayed in the Place Louis le Grand in Paris.

His statue of Louis XIV was melted down during the French Revolution.

16. Francois Joseph Bosio

Francois Joseph Bosio net worth 2020
Francois Joseph Bosio was born on March 19, 1769 in France.

17. Etienne Maurice Falconet

Etienne Maurice Falconet net worth 2020
Etienne Maurice Falconet was born on December 1, 1716 in France.

Considered among the first rank of French Rococo sculptors, he sculpted The Bronze Horseman, a monument to Peter the Great.

Many of his pieces demonstrate the influence of theater and ballet.

18. Emmanuel Fremiet

Emmanuel Fremiet net worth 2020
Emmanuel Fremiet was born on December 6, 1824 in France.

French sculptor who created a sculpture of Joan of Arc in Paris and the monument to Ferdinand de Lesseps in Suez.

He won a medal of honor for his "Gorilla Carrying off a Woman".

19. David d'Angers

David d'Angers net worth 2020
David d'Angers was born on March 12, 1788 in France.
He was born Pierre-Jean David, but adopted the name David d'Angers once he became an artist.

20. Daniel Buren

Daniel Buren net worth 2020
Daniel Buren was born on March 25, 1938 in France.
He created public art works that he mounted as posters in over 100 Parisian metro stations.