Top 20 Sculptor celebrities in Denmark

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Sculptor celebrities [Updated March 24, 2023].

1. Caroline Arnecke

Caroline Arnecke net worth 2020
Caroline Arnecke was born on August 14, 1987 in Denmark.
Her pottery company is called Meadow Ceramics. 

2. Kai Nielsen

Kai Nielsen net worth 2020
Kai Nielsen was born on November 26, 1882 in Svendborg, Denmark.
He died while working on a draft of a Maritime monument.

3. Jens Galschiot

Jens Galschiot net worth 2020
Jens Galschiot was born on June 4, 1954 in Denmark.
His pieces fall into the categoires of Installation art, Conceptual art, Happening, Performance art and Street Art.

4. Asger Jorn

Asger Jorn net worth 2020
Asger Jorn was born on March 3, 1914 in Denmark.
He wrote Luck and Chance: Dagger and Guitar, in 1952.

5. Anton van Wouw

Anton van Wouw net worth 2020
Anton van Wouw was born on November 20, 1862 in Denmark.
He spent a lot of time in the wilderness and developed a great admiration for the Boer nation.

6. Povl Sondergaard

Povl Sondergaard net worth 2020
Povl Sondergaard was born on June 4, 1905 in Denmark.
His best known work may be Memorial to the Fallen in Bispebjerg Cemetery.

7. Svend Rathsack

Svend Rathsack net worth 2020
Svend Rathsack was born on September 8, 1885 in Denmark.
He was awarded the Thorvaldsen Medal in 1941.

8. Robert Jacobsen

Robert Jacobsen was born on June 4, 1912 in Denmark.
The Danish Robert award was named after him.