Top 20 Rugby Player celebrities in United States

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Rugby Player celebrities [Updated January 31, 2023].

1. Ronan O'Gara

Ronan O'Gara net worth 2020
Ronan O'Gara was born on March 7, 1977 in San Diego, United States.
He led the RBS Six Nations in points from 2005 to 2007, and again in 2009, the same year he led England to the Grand Slam.

2. Carlin Isles

Carlin Isles net worth 2020
Carlin Isles was born on November 21, 1989 in Massillon, United States.
He was signed to the practice squad of the NFL's Detroit Lions in December 2013.

3. Cam Dolan

Cam Dolan net worth 2020
Cam Dolan was born on March 7, 1990 in United States.
He is one very few Americans to have played professional rugby outside the United States.

4. Todd Clever

Todd Clever net worth 2020
Todd Clever was born on January 16, 1983 in United States.
He is the first American rugby player ever to play in the Super 14 league.

5. Perry Baker

Perry Baker was born on June 29, 1986 in New Smyrna Beach, United States.
He was even signed by the Philadelphia Eagles before injuring his knee.

6. Cody Melphy

Cody Melphy was born on April 5, 1993 in Denver, United States.
He is also known for having served in the US Army as a Bridge Engineer Crew Member for which he enlisted in October of 2017. 

7. Daniel Howard

Daniel Howard was born on December 13, 1984 in United States.
In 2013, he was named to the Rugby League World Cup qualifying team.