Top 20 Rock Singer celebrities in Wales

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Rock Singer celebrities [Updated August 18, 2022].

1. Shakin' Stevens

Shakin' Stevens net worth 2020
Shakin' Stevens was born on March 4, 1948 in Cardiff, Wales.
He has been considered the U.K.'s top-selling singer of the 1980s.

Net Worth 2020: $20 Million

2. John Cale

John Cale net worth 2020
John Cale was born on March 9, 1942 in Wales.
He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 for his work with The Velvet Underground.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

3. Aled Jones

Aled Jones net worth 2020
Aled Jones was born on December 29, 1970 in Bangor, Wales.
In 2013, he was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

Net Worth 2020: $5 Million

4. Ian Watkins

Ian Watkins net worth 2020
Ian Watkins was born on July 30, 1977 in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.
He and Lostprophets earned a #4 platinum-certified album with Start Something in 2004.

Net Worth 2020: $500 Thousand

5. Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones net worth 2020
Kelly Jones was born on June 3, 1974 in Cwmamman, Wales.
His band was the supporting act for the popular band Counting Crows in 2002.

6. Green Gartside

Green Gartside net worth 2020
Green Gartside was born on June 22, 1955 in Cardiff, Wales.
Since his musical success, he has become a regular stand-in presenter for BBC-6 Music.

7. Maddie Jones

Maddie Jones was born on May 30, 1988 in Wales.
She both curated and presented a music show for the MADE TV network designed to mentor young Welsh artists.

8. Cerys Matthews

Cerys Matthews net worth 2020
Cerys Matthews was born on April 11, 1969 in Cardiff, Wales.
She had two #1 albums in the U.K.: International Velvet in 1998 and Equally Cursed and Blessed in 1999.

9. Matthew Hitt

Matthew Hitt net worth 2020
Matthew Hitt was born on May 30, 1987 in Rhondda, Wales.
He and his Drowners bandmates Joe Brodie, Jack Ridley III, and Erik Lee Snyder released their first EP, Between Us Girls, in 2013. 

10. Robin Hawkins

Robin Hawkins net worth 2020
Robin Hawkins was born on February 11, 1986 in Wales.
In early 2007, he and fellow musician Alex Lowe performed on BBC Radio 1.

11. Grant Nicholas

Grant Nicholas net worth 2020
Grant Nicholas was born on November 12, 1967 in Wales.
He is a skilled trumpet player.

12. Dave Edmunds

Dave Edmunds net worth 2020
Dave Edmunds was born in Wales.
He has done some acting on the side, like in the movie Stardust.

13. Nicky Wire

Nicky Wire net worth 2020
Nicky Wire was born on January 20, 1969 in Blackwood, Wales.
He was chosen as Chair of the Advisory Board for the commercial Xfm South Wales Radio Station in 2007.

14. Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis net worth 2020
Mike Lewis was born on August 17, 1977 in Wales.
He loves to surf the beaches in Santa Monica and is a Star Trek fan.

15. Danni Monroe

Danni Monroe was born on August 20, 1988 in Cardiff, Wales.
The official music video for the single "Fight" earned upwards of 5 million views after it was posted to YouTube in 2011.

16. Pete Ham

Pete Ham was born on April 27, 1947 in Wales.
Two albums containing his previously un-released material -- Golders Green and Seven Park Avenue-- were released posthumously in the late 1990s.