Top 20 Rock Singer celebrities in Germany

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Rock Singer celebrities [Updated March 27, 2023].

1. Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne net worth 2020
Jackson Browne was born on October 9, 1948 in Heidelberg, Germany.
He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

Net Worth 2020: $50 Million

2. Herbert Grönemeyer

Herbert Grönemeyer net worth 2020
Herbert Grönemeyer was born on April 12, 1956 in Germany.
His first two albums tanked and he was forced to sharply curtail his concert touring; it would take close to four years for him to find success.

Net Worth 2020: $20 Million

3. John Kay

John Kay net worth 2020
John Kay was born on April 12, 1944 in Germany.
He suffered from sensitivity to light, forcing him to wear sunglasses nearly all the time, even during concerts.

Net Worth 2020: $6 Million

4. Tobias Sammet

Tobias Sammet net worth 2020
Tobias Sammet was born on November 21, 1977 in Germany.
For Edguy's first three albums, he played keyboard and bass for the band as well. He's also played bass for Avantasia.

Net Worth 2020: $3 Million

5. Nico

Nico net worth 2020
Nico was born on October 16, 1938 in Cologne, Germany.
Apart from singing and modeling, she also acted in a number of films, with roles in Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls and Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita.

6. Gil Ofarim

Gil Ofarim net worth 2020
Gil Ofarim was born on August 13, 1982 in Munich, Germany.
In 2017, he took part in the German dance competition Let's Dance, and won with his partner, Ekaterina Leonova. He also writes children's music.

7. Farin Urlaub

Farin Urlaub net worth 2020
Farin Urlaub was born on October 27, 1963 in Germany.
He briefly studied archaeology at the Free University of Berlin.

8. Bela B.

Bela B. net worth 2020
Bela B. was born on December 14, 1962 in Germany.
He had a cameo in the 2009 film Inglourious Basterds as a cinema usher.

9. Henning May

Henning May net worth 2020
Henning May was born on January 13, 1992 in Cologne, Germany.
In addition to singing, he is a multi-instrumentalist for the group. He plays the piano, melodica, accordion, ukulele and guitar.

10. Alice Merton

Alice Merton net worth 2020
Alice Merton was born on September 13, 1993 in Frankfurt, Germany.
She won the annual award for promotion of talented newcomers in the category Acoustic Pop in Hamburg in 2016. 

11. Marcel Gadacz

Marcel Gadacz net worth 2020
Marcel Gadacz was born on May 13, 1988 in Berlin, Germany.
He has a degree in graphic design. Dream On, Dreamer's albums Heartbound, Loveless, and Songs of Solitude were all top 40 hits in Australia.

12. Jennifer Weist

Jennifer Weist net worth 2020
Jennifer Weist was born on December 3, 1986 in Germany.
The name of her band, Jennifer Rostock, came from a misunderstanding between Weist and a record label, who sent all of their correspondence to this name because it's a combination of her first name and a town near where she comes from.

13. Adriel Genet

Adriel Genet net worth 2020
Adriel Genet was born on November 4, 1987 in Germany.
He graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature.

14. Johannes Strate

Johannes Strate net worth 2020
Johannes Strate was born on March 17, 1980 in Bremen, Germany.
 The group went through several name changes, including Manga and Tsunamikiller, before settling on Revolverheld.

15. Henning Wehland

Henning Wehland net worth 2020
Henning Wehland was born on December 2, 1971 in Bonn, Germany.
He was a judge on the talent show The Voice Kids in 2013.

16. Chris Harms

Chris Harms net worth 2020
Chris Harms was born on January 22, 1980 in Hamburg, Germany.
He has worked as a model for brands like Pyrate Styles.

17. Udo Lindenberg

Udo Lindenberg net worth 2020
Udo Lindenberg was born on May 17, 1946 in Gronau, Germany.

Prolific German musician known for singles like Sonderzug nach Pankow and for his 'Germanizations' of songs by groups like The Rolling Stones. He has collaborated with acclaimed artists such as David Bowie and Eric Burdon.

His MTV Unplugged album sold more than 200,000 copies in two weeks and spawned the hit single Cello which peaked at the number 4 spot on the charts.

18. Ulrike Goldmann

Ulrike Goldmann net worth 2020
Ulrike Goldmann was born on June 17, 1980 in Germany.
She joined Blutengel in 2005 as a replacement for fellow singer Eva Poelzing.

19. Aylin Aslim

Aylin Aslim net worth 2020
Aylin Aslim was born on February 14, 1975 in Germany.
Her first album was more in line with the electronic genre before she moved back to rock music.

20. Chris Pohl

Chris Pohl net worth 2020
Chris Pohl was born on February 9, 1972 in Berlin, Germany.
His German Top 10 albums with Blutengel include Monument (2013) and Omen (2015).