Top 20 Rock Singer celebrities in Denmark

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Rock Singer celebrities [Updated December 10, 2022].

1. Lau Hojen

Lau Hojen net worth 2020
Lau Hojen was born on July 20, 1980 in Aarhus, Denmark.
His song "Transparent & Glasslike" was used in the soundtrack for the film Midsommer (2003) and won the Robert Award for Best Song. 

2. Maja Shining

Maja Shining net worth 2020
Maja Shining was born on May 14, 1990 in Denmark.
She has amassed over 20,000 followers on Twitter.

3. David Boyd

David Boyd net worth 2020
David Boyd was born on February 6, 1988 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Singer and guitarist best known as a member of the band New Politics. The band released two albums under the RCA label before releasing their third under Warner Bros and DCD2 Records.

After completing a UK and nationwide US tour, New Politics got to perform at the SXSW festival in 2010.

4. Kim Larsen

Kim Larsen net worth 2020
Kim Larsen was born on October 23, 1945 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
His 1983 solo album Midt Om Natten became the highest-selling Danish album in history. 

5. Mads Langer

Mads Langer net worth 2020
Mads Langer was born on January 31, 1984 in Denmark.
His 2013 album In These Waters went platinum in Denmark.

6. Tim Christensen

Tim Christensen net worth 2020
Tim Christensen was born on July 2, 1974 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Christensen's song Honeyburst peaked at #1 on the Danish Top 40 record chart in 2003.

7. Mattias Hundeboll

Mattias Hundeboll net worth 2020
Mattias Hundeboll was born on August 10, 1982 in Odense, Denmark.
He was a contestant on the game show Dagens Mand in 2016.

8. Pernille Rosendahl

Pernille Rosendahl was born on March 22, 1972 in Denmark.
She was a judge on the third season of the Danish version of The X-Factor, where she mentored contest winner Thomas Ring Petersen.