Top 20 Rock Singer celebrities in Brazil

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Rock Singer celebrities [Updated June 10, 2023].

1. Lulu Santos

Lulu Santos net worth 2020
Lulu Santos was born on May 4, 1953 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
In 1984, he released his third solo album, Tudo Azul, which sold over 350,000 copies worldwide. It earned a Platinum certification. His 1995 record, Eu e Memê, Memê e Eu, sold over 1 million copies, earning it a coveted Diamond certification.

2. Marina Lima

Marina Lima net worth 2020
Marina Lima was born on September 17, 1955 in Brazil.
In 1999, she appeared on the cover of Playboy.

3. Pe Lanza

Pe Lanza net worth 2020
Pe Lanza was born on April 14, 1992 in Brazil.
His band's song "Levo Comigo" won a Brazilian Music Video Award for Hit of the Year. 

4. Kim Lirio

Kim Lirio net worth 2020
Kim Lirio was born on January 18, 1991 in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

5. Flavia Scanuffo

Flavia Scanuffo net worth 2020
Flavia Scanuffo was born on February 11, 2006 in Brazil.
She has 70,000 total followers on Instagram.

6. Luana Camarah

Luana Camarah net worth 2020
Luana Camarah was born on March 20, 1988 in Brazil.
She has 80,000 total followers on Instagram.

7. Marcelo Falcão

Marcelo Falcão net worth 2020
Marcelo Falcão was born on May 31, 1973 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
He is best known for his cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe." 

8. Marcos Almeida

Marcos Almeida net worth 2020
Marcos Almeida was born on February 11, 1983 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
He has written songs for singer Lorena Chaves and performed with her as part of the 1palco2shows tour.

9. Mauro Henrique

Mauro Henrique net worth 2020
Mauro Henrique was born on November 10, 1982 in Brasilia, Brazil.
He is the creator of Mauro Loop Sessions, a project where he displays his vocal techniques and incorporates various effects pedals. 

10. Rita Lee

Rita Lee net worth 2020
Rita Lee was born on December 31, 1947 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
She had her own talk show called TvLeeZão.

11. Rodrigo Amarante

Rodrigo Amarante net worth 2020
Rodrigo Amarante was born on September 6, 1976 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
He released his first solo record Cavalo internationally in May 2014. He has over 150,000 followers on his _rodrigo_amarante Instagram account.

12. Roger Lima

Roger Lima net worth 2020
Roger Lima was born on October 31, 1973 in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
He is also a music producer and has produced Less Than Jake albums including their EP Absolution for Idiots and Addicts.

13. Samuel Rosa

Samuel Rosa net worth 2020
Samuel Rosa was born on July 15, 1966 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
The 2003 Skank album Cosmotron won the Latin Grammy for Best Brazilian Rock Album.

14. Ronnie Von

Ronnie Von net worth 2020
Ronnie Von was born on July 17, 1944 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
He wrote a book on fatherhood called Mãe de Gravata (1995). 

15. Roger Moreira

Roger Moreira net worth 2020
Roger Moreira was born on September 12, 1956 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He was a voice actor in the video game Battlefield Hardline (2015). 

16. Jay Vaquer

Jay Vaquer net worth 2020
Jay Vaquer was born on February 6, 1975 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
In addition to his music, he also started a blog called which features a variety of writing posts that discuss his process of recording and other events in his life and career. 

17. Fernanda Takai

Fernanda Takai net worth 2020
Fernanda Takai was born on August 25, 1971 in Brazil.
She recorded the track "Águas de Março" to benefit the Red Hot Organization. Proceeds from the track went to HIV/AIDS prevention. 

18. Dinho Ouro Preto

Dinho Ouro Preto net worth 2020
Dinho Ouro Preto was born on April 27, 1964 in Brazil.
His first live album called MTV Unplugged was released in 2000.

19. Humberto Gessinger

Humberto Gessinger net worth 2020
Humberto Gessinger was born on December 24, 1963 in Brazil.
He formed the band Cidadão Que and later created the duo Pouca Vogal with musician Duca Leindecker. He has over 290,000 followers on his 1gessinger Instagram account.

20. Luisa Hanae Matsushita

Luisa Hanae Matsushita net worth 2020
Luisa Hanae Matsushita was born on February 25, 1984 in Brazil.
She is part German, Portuguese, and Japanese.