Top 20 Rock Singer celebrities in Argentina

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Rock Singer celebrities [Updated June 5, 2023].

1. Chris de Burgh

Chris de Burgh net worth 2020
Chris de Burgh was born on October 15, 1948 in Argentina.
The lyrics of many of his songs reflect his interest in military history.

Net Worth 2020: $50 Million

2. Luis Alberto Spinetta

Luis Alberto Spinetta net worth 2020
Luis Alberto Spinetta was born on January 23, 1950 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He passed away from lung cancer. He authored a published poem called Guitarra negra in 1978.

3. Patricio Sardelli

Patricio Sardelli net worth 2020
Patricio Sardelli was born on January 26, 1986 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
They signed with Warner Music in 2003 for the release of their debut album. It went gold in Argentina and won an MTV award for Best New Artist. 

4. Indio Solari

Indio Solari net worth 2020
Indio Solari was born on January 17, 1949 in Argentina.
His Patricio Rey y Sus Redonditos de Ricota collaborators include Skay Beilinson and Semilla Bucciarelli.

5. Emmanuel Horvilleur

Emmanuel Horvilleur net worth 2020
Emmanuel Horvilleur was born on January 2, 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In 2006, he was a guest on the Channel 9 series I'm Your Fan.

6. Eduardo Sierra

Eduardo Sierra net worth 2020
Eduardo Sierra was born on November 29, 1950 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In 1990, he began composing music for newscasts.

7. Charly Garcia

Charly Garcia net worth 2020
Charly Garcia was born on October 23, 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He was in four different groups, including Serú Girán.

8. Palito Ortega

Palito Ortega net worth 2020
Palito Ortega was born on March 8, 1942 in Argentina.
He had a successful career as a politician after retiring from music, having been elected Governor of Tucumán Province in 1991.

9. Vicentico

Vicentico net worth 2020
Vicentico was born on July 24, 1964 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
His band's popularity peaked after winning a MTV Latino Video Music Award in 1994 for their single "El Matador."

10. Piti Fernandez

Piti Fernandez net worth 2020
Piti Fernandez was born on November 14, 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He is a fan of the soccer club Club Atletico Huracan.

11. Patricio Santos Fontanet

Patricio Santos Fontanet net worth 2020
Patricio Santos Fontanet was born on June 16, 1979 in Argentina.
He spent seven years in prison on a charge related to the catastrophic Cromañón Nightclub fire that occurred during one of the band's concerts. 

12. Carli Jimenez

Carli Jimenez net worth 2020
Carli Jimenez was born on July 9, 1984 in Cordoba, Argentina.
In 2015 he founded the Cuarteto School
, an NGO that teaches underprivileged children quartet.

13. Andres Ciro Martínez

Andres Ciro Martínez net worth 2020
Andres Ciro Martínez was born on January 11, 1968 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
His band has amassed over 370,000 followers to their ciroylospersasoficial Instagram account. 

14. Emiliano Brancciari

Emiliano Brancciari net worth 2020
Emiliano Brancciari was born on October 28, 1977 in Argentina.
No Te Va Gustar released their tenth studio album Other Songs (You Will not Like) in 2019.

15. Germán Daffunchio

Germán Daffunchio net worth 2020
Germán Daffunchio was born on September 8, 1961 in Argentina.
During his time in the military, he was the driver for Argentine dictator Leopoldo Galtieri. 

16. Pedro Aznar

Pedro Aznar net worth 2020
Pedro Aznar was born on July 23, 1959 in Argentina.

Argentine musician and singer who is known for his work in jazz and folk styles of music. Pedro Aznar's is known for his solo work as well as for appearing in the groups ALAS and Pastoral within the Argentine rock scene. 

Pedro Aznar is also known for having published several books of poetry in Argentina as well. 

17. Mauricio Lescano

Mauricio Lescano was born on August 8, 1972 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He came up with the name La 25 from a T-shirt that Mick Jagger had allegedly worn with a 25 stamp on it.

18. Martin Fabio

Martin Fabio was born on April 12, 1969 in Argentina.
Early in their career Kapanga used to perform songs made famous by La Mona Jiménez. 

19. Marcos Lescano

Marcos Lescano was born on August 8, 1972 in Quilmes, Argentina.
In 2018, he performed at the Estadio Malvinas Argentinas.

20. Gonzalo Charpentier

Gonzalo Charpentier was born on May 20, 1984 in Argentina.
In 2017, he released a solo album titled El Encuentro.