Top 20 Religious Leader celebrities in Italy

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Religious Leader celebrities [Updated November 30, 2022].

1. Aloysius Gonzaga

Aloysius Gonzaga net worth 2020
Aloysius Gonzaga was born on March 9, 1568 in Italy.
Over three centuries after his death, Gonzaga was named the patron saint of young Christians.

2. John Bosco

John Bosco net worth 2020
John Bosco was born on August 16, 1815 in Italy.
He developed a non-punitive educational philosophy known as the Salesian Preventive System.

3. Maria Goretti

Maria Goretti net worth 2020
Maria Goretti was born on October 16, 1890 in Italy.
Her murderer, Alessandro Serenelli, spent several years in prison for the crime and later repented and pursued a monastic life. She was canonized by the church nearly five decades after her death.

4. Cesare Borgia

Cesare Borgia net worth 2020
Cesare Borgia was born on September 13, 1475 in Italy.
He became the first person in history to resign from a cardinalcy in 1498 after his brother died.

5. Catherine Of Siena

Catherine Of Siena net worth 2020
Catherine Of Siena was born on March 25, 1347 in Italy.
She worked during her life to increase the influence of the papacy in Rome.

6. Gianna Beretta Molla

Gianna Beretta Molla net worth 2020
Gianna Beretta Molla was born on October 4, 1922 in Magenta, Italy.
She refused an abortion and a hysterectomy when she was pregnant despite knowing that continuing with the pregnancy could result in her death, which she did.

7. Gianfranco Ravasi

Gianfranco Ravasi net worth 2020
Gianfranco Ravasi was born on October 18, 1942 in Italy.
He believes that Darwin's theory of evolution is compatible with the Church's teachings.

8. Frances Xavier Cabrini

Frances Xavier Cabrini net worth 2020
Frances Xavier Cabrini was born on July 15, 1850 in Italy.
She was made the patron saint of immigrants in 1946.

9. Angelo Scola

Angelo Scola net worth 2020
Angelo Scola was born on November 7, 1941 in Italy.
He was the Italian editor of the journal Communio in the 1970's.

10. Angelo Sodano

Angelo Sodano net worth 2020
Angelo Sodano was born on November 23, 1927 in Italy.
He was Cardinal Secretary of State from 1990 to 2006 and was thus in charge of the political and diplomatic activities of the Holy See.

11. Pio Of Pietrelcina

Pio Of Pietrelcina net worth 2020
Pio Of Pietrelcina was born on May 25, 1887 in Italy.
He was famous for bearing the stigmata, which he claimed he received from Jesus.

12. Pope Nicholas V

Pope Nicholas V net worth 2020
Pope Nicholas V was born on November 13, 1397 in Italy.
He took the name Nicholas as an ode to Bishop Niccolo Albergati, who mentored him and sent him on a tour of Europe prior to his papacy.

13. Pope Pius IX

Pope Pius IX net worth 2020
Pope Pius IX was born on May 13, 1792 in Italy.
He was the last pope to rule as the Sovereign of the Papal States, which fell completely to Italian nationalist armies by 1870

14. Pope Paul VI

Pope Paul VI net worth 2020
Pope Paul VI was born on September 26, 1897 in Italy.
He rejected the use of birth control in his encyclical Humanae Vitae.

15. Pope Pius VII

Pope Pius VII net worth 2020
Pope Pius VII was born on August 14, 1742 in Italy.

Head of the Catholic Church from 1800 to his death in 1823 who spent much of his reign in conflict with Napoleon Bonaparte.

He was exiled in 1809 after Napoleon Bonaparte occupied and annexed the Papal States.

16. Pope Pius X

Pope Pius X net worth 2020
Pope Pius X was born on June 2, 1835 in Italy.
He published the first Code of Canon Law, which collected the laws of the Church into one volume for the first time.

17. Pope Pius XII

Pope Pius XII net worth 2020
Pope Pius XII was born on March 2, 1876 in Italy.
He employed diplomacy to aid victims of the Holocaust and directed his Church to provide discreet and often secretive aid to persecuted Jews.

18. Pope Leo XIII

Pope Leo XIII net worth 2020
Pope Leo XIII was born on March 2, 1810 in Italy.
He served as Pope until he was 93, making him the oldest Pope ever.

19. Pope Benedict XV

Pope Benedict XV net worth 2020
Pope Benedict XV was born on November 21, 1854 in Genoa, Italy.
In 1915 he secured an agreement with the two sides of World War I by which the warring parties promised not to let POWs work on Sundays and Holidays.

20. Pope John XXIII

Pope John XXIII net worth 2020
Pope John XXIII was born on November 25, 1881 in Italy.
His frequent habit of sneaking out of the Vatican late at night to walk the streets of the city of Rome earned him the nickname "Johnny Walker."