Top 20 Religious Leader celebrities in England

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Religious Leader celebrities [Updated February 6, 2023].

1. Richard Coles

Richard Coles net worth 2020
Richard Coles was born on March 26, 1962 in England.
 He is also openly gay and lives with his civil partner, the Reverend David Coles. 

2. John Harvard

John Harvard net worth 2020
John Harvard was born in England.
He donated not only money but a great many scholarly volumes to the then-fledgeling school.

3. Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor net worth 2020
Jeremy Taylor was born on August 15, 1613 in England.
He became the Bishop of Down and Connor, and was made the vice-chancellor of the University of Dublin.

4. Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor net worth 2020
Hudson Taylor was born on May 21, 1832 in England.
Unlike many other European missionaries, Taylor dressed himself in Chinese clothes and displayed his respect for Chinese culture. Also notable was the fact that he allowed Protestants of many different denominations to take part in his mission work.

5. Gladys Aylward

Gladys Aylward net worth 2020
Gladys Aylward was born on February 24, 1902 in England.
During her time in China (and, later, Taiwan), she established a missionary organization known as The Inn of the Eight Happinesses, worked on behalf of prison reform and opened an orphanage.

6. Frederick Temple

Frederick Temple net worth 2020
Frederick Temple was born on November 30, 1821 in England.
In 1857 he was select preacher at his university and taught at Rugby School in 1858.

7. William Carey

William Carey net worth 2020
William Carey was born on August 17, 1761 in England.
In the early 1820s, he established the Agri Horticultural Society of India.

8. Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes net worth 2020
Tim Hughes was born on July 23, 1978 in England.
He has released several spiritual music albums, including 2001's Love Shine Through.

9. Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams net worth 2020
Rowan Williams was born on June 14, 1950 in England.
He stirred controversy with his comments on Islamic 'Sharia' law, opposing the Iraq war, and supporting the French ban on Muslim headscarves.

10. Nick Baines

Nick Baines net worth 2020
Nick Baines was born on November 13, 1957 in England.
He was frequently featured on religious segments of a BBC Radio 2 program called "Pause for Thought."

11. Matthew Hale

Matthew Hale net worth 2020
Matthew Hale was born on June 18, 1811 in England.
His religious service in Australia was marked by educational and social advocacy on behalf of the Aboriginal people.

12. Marianne Cope

Marianne Cope net worth 2020
Marianne Cope was born on January 24, 1838 in England.
She is only the 11th American citizen to be honored by the Catholic church.

13. John Henry Newman

John Henry Newman net worth 2020
John Henry Newman was born on February 21, 1801 in London, England.
He wrote the popular hymns "Lead, Kindly Light" and "Praise to the Holiest in the Height" and helped found the Catholic University of Ireland.

14. Hewlett Johnson

Hewlett Johnson net worth 2020
Hewlett Johnson was born on January 25, 1874 in England.
He was known for his unyielding support of the Soviet Union and it's allies and thus obtained the nickname "The Red Dean of Canterbury".

15. George Carey

George Carey net worth 2020
George Carey was born on November 13, 1934 in England.
During my tenure as the head of Church of England I ordained the first female priest, and addressed the debate over homosexuality.

16. Bramwell Booth

Bramwell Booth net worth 2020
Bramwell Booth was born on March 8, 1856 in England.
His parents, William Booth and Catherine Mumford, started the Salvation Army.

17. Charles Simeon

Charles Simeon net worth 2020
Charles Simeon was born on September 24, 1759 in England.
He was involved in the 1799 establishment of the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews.

18. Donald Coggan

Donald Coggan net worth 2020
Donald Coggan was born on October 9, 1909 in England.
From 1957 to 1976, he served as the honorary President of the United Bible Societies.

19. George D. Watt

George D. Watt net worth 2020
George D. Watt was born on May 12, 1812 in England.
He beat eight other men in a footrace to become the first official British Mormon convert.

20. Justin Welby

Justin Welby net worth 2020
Justin Welby was born on January 6, 1956 in England.
He has written many books on the intersection between religion, ethics and finance.