Top 20 Reggae Singer celebrities in Trinidad And Tobago

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Reggae Singer celebrities [Updated November 29, 2022].

1. Bunji Garlin

Bunji Garlin net worth 2020
Bunji Garlin was born on July 14, 1978 in Trinidad And Tobago.
His song "Brrt" was used on the soundtrack of the Grand Theft Auto IV video game.

2. Kerwin Du Bois

Kerwin Du Bois net worth 2020
Kerwin Du Bois was born on April 2, 1977 in Port Of Spain, Trinidad And Tobago.
He was selected to represent Trinidad in a Calypso Youth Exchange programme and would eventually capture the UK Calypso Monarch title.

3. Bankie Banx

Bankie Banx net worth 2020
Bankie Banx was born on August 18, 1953 in Trinidad And Tobago.

Reggae singer nicknamed the Anguillan Bob Dylan who released the hit single 'Prince of Darkness.'

He spearheaded Project Stingray, a music and arts education program in his native country that helps aspiring singers and musicians realize their dreams.

4. Orlando Octave

Orlando Octave was born on August 6, 1988 in Trinidad And Tobago.
In 2012, he launched a brand of condoms called Play Wit It.

5. Nailah Blackman

Nailah Blackman was born on December 2, 1997 in Trinidad And Tobago.
She danced at Shiv Shakir Dance Company in high school after leaving her family band to go solo at 15. 

6. Kees Dieffenthaller

Kees Dieffenthaller was born on March 12, 1980 in Trinidad And Tobago.
In 2012 Kes released their single "Stress Away" featuring Snoop Dogg.

7. Mark Quashie

Mark Quashie was born on January 24, 1967 in Trinidad And Tobago.
His song "I Like to Move It" was performed by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in the hit animated film Madagascar (2005).