Top 20 Reality Star celebrities in Wales

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Reality Star celebrities [Updated August 11, 2022].

1. Amber Davies

Amber Davies net worth 2020
Amber Davies was born on October 4, 1996 in Wales.
Her popularity on Love Island led to her garnering over 1.5 million followers on her amb_d Instagram account.

2. Rachel Rice

Rachel Rice was born on March 7, 1984 in Wales.
She came in second place at the annual Miss Wales contest and was included on More magazine's list of the Most Fanciable Girls in the U.K.

3. Lateysha Grace

Lateysha Grace net worth 2020
Lateysha Grace was born on November 25, 1992 in Port Talbot, Wales.
She worked with rapper D-Jukes on a single and promo video in 2014.

4. Kayleigh Morris

Kayleigh Morris net worth 2020
Kayleigh Morris was born on June 20, 1988 in Wales.
She has starred in a variety of Bollywood productions.

5. Jordan Davies

Jordan Davies net worth 2020
Jordan Davies was born on June 24, 1992 in Wales.
He made an appearance on the third season of Ex on the Beach.

6. Joel Williams

Joel Williams net worth 2020
Joel Williams was born on November 17, 1995 in Wales.
His Big Brother 16 housemates included rapper Cristian MJC, actress and singer Eileen Daly, and twins Amy and Sally Broadbent.

7. Jenna Jonathan

Jenna Jonathan net worth 2020
Jenna Jonathan was born on November 12, 1990 in Wales.
She attended law school and obtained her degree.

8. Jay Hutton

Jay Hutton net worth 2020
Jay Hutton was born on April 2, 1990 in Wales.
A tattoo he designed of boxer Mike Tyson caught the eye of Tyson himself, whom he later met for dinner.

9. Carley Belmonte

Carley Belmonte net worth 2020
Carley Belmonte was born on August 31, 1989 in Wales.
The show was set in Cardiff, Wales, and was criticized for its portrayal of Wales and Welsh people.

10. Callum Pardoe

Callum Pardoe net worth 2020
Callum Pardoe was born on May 3, 1996 in Wales.
He is a talented swimmer who used to swim alongside Paralympian Aaron Moores.

11. Megan Rees

Megan Rees net worth 2020
Megan Rees was born on July 31, 1994 in Carmarthen, Wales.

MTV UK reality personality from the 3rd series of Ex on the Beach who appeared on the show as the ex-girlfriend of Stephen Cochrane.

She is a makeup and fashion enthusiast.

12. Natalee Harris

Natalee Harris net worth 2020
Natalee Harris was born on May 27, 1988 in Wales.
She opened and online shop called Natalee Loves that sells beauty and tanning products.

13. Nicole Morris

Nicole Morris net worth 2020
Nicole Morris was born on September 12, 1992 in Wales.
She has earned a Twitter following of more than 220,000.

14. Thomas Powell

Thomas Powell net worth 2020
Thomas Powell was born on December 26, 1991 in Wales.
He has earned more than 250,000 followers on Instagram and 210,000 followers on Twitter.

15. Rosie Anna Williams

Rosie Anna Williams net worth 2020
Rosie Anna Williams was born on September 23, 1991 in Wales.
She worked as a solicitor of the senior courts of England and Wales in March 2018.

16. Alex George

Alex George net worth 2020
Alex George was born on February 15, 1990 in Wales.
After Love Island, he joined a team of medical professionals as a regular on the show This Morning. He surpassed 1.3 million followers on the Instagram account dralexgeorge.

17. Connagh Howard

Connagh Howard net worth 2020
Connagh Howard was born on April 27, 1992 in Wales.
He is also known for having earned representation from Next London Men in July of 2016 and shared a photo from their headquarters through his Instagram. 

18. THE Vivienne

THE Vivienne net worth 2020
THE Vivienne was born on April 12, 1992 in Wales.
She has gained over 310,000 followers to her Instagram. She dressed as Cher for Halloween 2019.

19. Leeroy Reed

Leeroy Reed was born on August 6, 1990 in Bridgend, Wales.
By early 2015, he had 170,000 Twitter followers; 40,000 Instagram fans; and 20,000 Facebook likes.

20. Jason Suminski

Jason Suminski was born on November 10, 1991 in Pontypridd, Wales.
He's a personal trainer and has been sponsored by Machine Fitness. He's stated a lack of interest in returning to television.