Top 20 Reality Star celebrities in Ecuador

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Reality Star celebrities [Updated January 30, 2023].

1. Ingrid Hansen-Vik

Ingrid Hansen-Vik net worth 2020
Ingrid Hansen-Vik was born on December 18, 1990 in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Her Instagram account was deactivated. 

2. Sara Toscano

Sara Toscano net worth 2020
Sara Toscano was born on August 21, 1995 in Ecuador.
She danced in the main square of Marrakesh and on the Hill of the Muses in Athens.

3. Rahab Villacres

Rahab Villacres net worth 2020
Rahab Villacres was born on March 11, 1996 in Ecuador.
She is one of the stars of the family vlog and comedy YouTube channel Tono y Rahab. 

4. Mario Fernando Perez

Mario Fernando Perez net worth 2020
Mario Fernando Perez was born on September 19, 1990 in Ecuador.
He previously held the title of Mister Turismo Universo. 

5. Erick Trujillo

Erick Trujillo net worth 2020
Erick Trujillo was born on March 2, 1992 in Ecuador.

6. Toño Abril

Toño Abril net worth 2020
Toño Abril was born on June 2, 1988 in Cuenca, Ecuador.
He won the reality show BLN la Competencia and he competed in Calle7 Internacional in Paraguay. 

7. Yuleysi Coca Suárez

Yuleysi Coca Suárez net worth 2020
Yuleysi Coca Suárez was born on November 30, 1994 in Ecuador.
She did promotional modeling for the wireless carrier Cellphone Center.

8. Bratt Murgueitio

Bratt Murgueitio net worth 2020
Bratt Murgueitio was born on April 3, 1985 in Quito, Ecuador.
He made his acting debut in 2013 played El Chulpi in La Trucha Novela.

9. Carlos Flores Guzman

Carlos Flores Guzman was born on July 16, 1989 in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
In addition to his reality career, he has worked as a flight attendant and has become a popular travel blogger and influencer. 

10. Rogger Guillen Cedeno

Rogger Guillen Cedeno was born on September 4, 1988 in Ecuador.
He competed in Mr. Ecuador in 2015. 

11. Ana Paula Roldán

Ana Paula Roldán was born on January 10, 1993 in Ecuador.
She also competed on the Guatemalan version Combate. 

12. Jimar Vera Loor

Jimar Vera Loor was born on April 10, 1990 in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
He studied hospitality and tourism in college.

13. Joselyn Encalada Lopez

Joselyn Encalada Lopez was born on December 24, 1990 in Ecuador.
She has appeared on the dance competition Baila.