Top 20 Reality Star celebrities in Australia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Reality Star celebrities [Updated March 26, 2023].

1. Lydia Schiavello

Lydia Schiavello net worth 2020
Lydia Schiavello was born on October 23, 1970 in Australia.
After joining the Real Housewives of Melbourne, she created a blog where she posts recipes, fitness, and fashion advice.

Net Worth 2020: $50 Million

2. Chyka Keebaugh

Chyka Keebaugh net worth 2020
Chyka Keebaugh was born on December 15, 1968 in Australia.
She spent several years hosting a weekly segment on Good Morning Australia.

Net Worth 2020: $40 Million

3. Janet Roach

Janet Roach net worth 2020
Janet Roach was born on August 16, 1958 in Australia.
She became active in charities that help burn victims after her youngest son, Jake, was burned on 70% of his body.

Net Worth 2020: $25 Million

4. Andrea Moss

Andrea Moss net worth 2020
Andrea Moss was born on July 4, 1969 in Australia.
She has also worked as an accountant and professional tennis coach.

Net Worth 2020: $20 Million

5. Michael Darby

Michael Darby net worth 2020
Michael Darby was born on July 29, 1959 in Australia.

The husband of Ashley Darby, he appears alongside his wife on The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Net Worth 2020: $20 Million

6. Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee net worth 2020
Jennifer Lee was born on September 23, 1991 in Sydney, Australia.
She is a former Miss Korea California and has been featured in Esquire.

Net Worth 2020: $12 Million

7. Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin net worth 2020
Steve Irwin was born on February 22, 1962 in Melbourne, Australia.
The turtle species Elseya Irwini was named after him.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

8. Gina Liano

Gina Liano net worth 2020
Gina Liano was born on May 18, 1967 in Australia.
She became an ambassador for the Victorian Cancer Council. She wrote an autobiography called Fearless. and is also a property developer and qualified art curator.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

9. James Reid

James Reid net worth 2020
James Reid was born on May 11, 1993 in Australia.

10. Angie Kent

Angie Kent net worth 2020
Angie Kent was born on February 6, 1990 in Australia.
She departed Gogglebox at the conclusion of season 8 after she moved from her house. She has also gained more than 290,000 followers to her verified self-titled Instagram account.  

11. Laurina Fleure

Laurina Fleure net worth 2020
Laurina Fleure was born on June 19, 1983 in Australia.
She opened an online women's clothing and boutique website called Pialia Boutique.

12. Nasser Sultan

Nasser Sultan net worth 2020
Nasser Sultan was born on May 9, 1967 in Australia.
His Instagram account, which is dedicated to beauty and travel, has amassed 40,000 followers. 

13. Sam Wood

Sam Wood was born on May 20, 1980 in Australia.
He has more than 270,000 followers on Instagram.

14. Georgia Love

Georgia Love net worth 2020
Georgia Love was born on August 30, 1988 in Melbourne, Australia.
She has more than 230,000 followers on Instagram.

15. Anna Heinrich

Anna Heinrich net worth 2020
Anna Heinrich was born on November 30, 1986 in Australia.
After her Bachelor win, she launched her LoveAlwaysAnna beauty and lifestyle blog.

16. Skye Wheatley

Skye Wheatley net worth 2020
Skye Wheatley was born on February 20, 1994 in Australia.
Since her reality show debut, she launched her self-titled beauty and lifestyle YouTube channel, which has become home to tutorials, vlogs, and product reviews.

17. Zana Pali

Zana Pali net worth 2020
Zana Pali was born on April 19, 1991 in Melbourne, Australia.
She has accrued over 80,000 followers on Instagram.

18. Luke Toki

Luke Toki net worth 2020
Luke Toki was born on October 7, 1986 in Australia.
He is an autism advocate who created the Instagram account understanding_autism.

19. Josh Densten

Josh Densten net worth 2020
Josh Densten was born on May 5, 1986 in Australia.
He was on the show The Block from 2011 to 2013. He and his wife renovated and live out of a 32 square meter tiny house built in 1874.

20. Hannah Amos

Hannah Amos net worth 2020
Hannah Amos was born on September 18, 1986 in Australia.
Her family went boating in South Stradbroke in December 2017.