Top 20 Rapper celebrities in Cuba

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Rapper celebrities [Updated November 29, 2022].

1. Yomil

Yomil net worth 2020
Yomil was born on October 9, 1991 in Cuba.

Rapper who formed one half of the Cuban reggaeton duo Yomil y El Dany alongside El Dany. They had success with hit singles such as "Tengo," "Rikabery," and "Estamos Ta' Po." Their YouTube channel has racked up over 119 million views.

He and El Dany originally formed as DpuntoD but split in 2011 until 2015 when they reinvented themselves as Yomil y El Dany with a more aggressive approach.

2. Jay Maly

Jay Maly net worth 2020
Jay Maly was born on December 1, 1988 in Havana, Cuba.
He sang his first English-language song, “I Will Never Give Up," with Darian Alvarez in 2014.

3. El Taiger

El Taiger net worth 2020
El Taiger was born on September 6, 1987 in Havana, Cuba.
In 2017, he was featured in an article published by Billboard magazine.

4. Chocolate MC

Chocolate MC net worth 2020
Chocolate MC was born on February 17, 1991 in Cuba.
In 2018 he won the most viral song Urbana de Cuba, and again in 2018. 

5. El Dany

El Dany net worth 2020
El Dany was born on January 6, 1989 in Havana, Cuba.
He was featured on the Angeles hit "Me Mata Tu Amor." 

6. Peter La Anguila

Peter La Anguila net worth 2020
Peter La Anguila was born on January 4, 1994 in Cuba.
He collaborated with Los Pichy Boys on the song "El Ritmo Pakatum." 

7. Sen Dog

Sen Dog net worth 2020
Sen Dog was born on November 20, 1965 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba.
His second album with Cypress Hill, Black Sunday, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart in 1993.

8. Yotuel Romero

Yotuel Romero net worth 2020
Yotuel Romero was born on October 6, 1976 in Havana, Cuba.
He portrayed Pavel on the television series Un Paso Adelante from 2002-2005.

9. El Micha

El Micha net worth 2020
El Micha was born on September 12, 1981 in Havana, Cuba.
He has collaborated with the renowned dancehall group Kola Loka.

10. El B

El B net worth 2020
El B was born on October 25, 1984 in Havana, Cuba.
He won Red Bull's Batalla de los Gallos two years in a row in 2007 and 2008. 

11. AL2 El Aldeano

AL2 El Aldeano net worth 2020
AL2 El Aldeano was born on March 17, 1983 in Havana, Cuba.
He has toured internationally, both as a solo artist and as a member of Los Aldeanos. 

12. Ruzzo Medina

Ruzzo Medina net worth 2020
Ruzzo Medina was born on May 26, 1972 in Havana, Cuba.

Hip-hop recording artist and rapper who rose to fame as a member of the Cuban group Orishas. Ruzzo Medina and his bandmates were considered pioneers of the genre in their home country as rap was once viewed in a negative manner.

Ruzzo Medina and his bandmates broke up in 2009 but announced a reunion in 2018.

13. El Chacal

El Chacal was born on February 8, 1986 in Havana, Cuba.
He was a featured artist on IAMCHINO's hit single "Amor."

14. Harryson Pedro Pérez Muñoz

Harryson Pedro Pérez Muñoz was born on June 18, 1996 in Havana, Cuba.
He runs the record label FourMusic Inc. 

15. Roldán González Rivero

Roldán González Rivero was born on June 1, 1971 in Quivican, Cuba.
He contributed to the soundtrack of the film Along Came Polly.