Top 20 Radio Host celebrities in Dominican Republic

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Radio Host celebrities [Updated November 27, 2022].

1. Luinny Corporan

Luinny Corporan net worth 2020
Luinny Corporan was born on September 5, 1991 in Dominican Republic.
In 2007, he was the recipient of the Radio Announcer of the Year award at the Bendicion Awards.

2. Yadhira Pimentel

Yadhira Pimentel net worth 2020
Yadhira Pimentel was born on November 13, 1982 in Dominican Republic.
She has spent time working for Radio Disney Dominicana.

3. Albert Mena

Albert Mena was born on October 21, 1987 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
He has amassed over 320,000 followers on his Instagram account. 

4. El Dotol Nastra

El Dotol Nastra was born on November 21, 1972 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
He posts vlogs, music and other content on his popular YouTube channel, which currently has more than 430,000 subscribers. 

5. Maria Alejandra Guzman

Maria Alejandra Guzman was born on October 4, 1984 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
She has amassed over 190,000 followers to her Instagram account.