Top 20 Radio Host celebrities in Argentina

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Radio Host celebrities [Updated May 30, 2023].

1. Martin Pepa

Martin Pepa net worth 2020
Martin Pepa was born on May 17, 1987 in Argentina.
He has grown insanely popular on social media with over 60,000 followers on Instagram and over 220,000 followers on Twitter.

2. Cris Vanadia

Cris Vanadia net worth 2020
Cris Vanadia was born on August 25, 1994 in Argentina.
He's also worked as a television host, specifically on QM's Quiero 2018 Music Awards. 

3. Daniela Viaggiamari

Daniela Viaggiamari net worth 2020
Daniela Viaggiamari was born on October 7, 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She sang regularly on stage at the Café la Humedad.

4. Matias Martin

Matias Martin net worth 2020
Matias Martin was born on October 27, 1970 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In 2004, he lent his voice acting talent to the localization dubbing of the film The Incredibles.

5. Lalo Mir

Lalo Mir net worth 2020
Lalo Mir was born on June 14, 1982 in Argentina.
He conducted the radio show 9PM with Elizabeth Vernaci on the FM channel, Radio Del Plata, in the 1980s. He has over 200,000 followers on his lalo.mirlo Instagram account.

6. Julieta Pink

Julieta Pink net worth 2020
Julieta Pink was born on March 5, 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She was nominated for Best Female Radial Voice at the Martín Fierro awards in April 2011. Later, she won the Tato Award for Best Female Lead in Cable for El Mundo Desde Abajo.

7. Flavio Azzaro

Flavio Azzaro net worth 2020
Flavio Azzaro was born on November 12, 1985 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In 2015, he was the panelist of Argentina's Gran Hermano debate.  

8. Nancy Pazos

Nancy Pazos net worth 2020
Nancy Pazos was born on April 27, 1968 in Argentina.
After her son was diagnosed with Hemolytic Uremis Syndrome, she founded CANI to help parents in similar situations and prevent disease transmitted foods. 

9. Ronnie Arias

Ronnie Arias was born on January 10, 1962 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He was credited as having worked on the telenovela series Floricienta.

10. Yanina Latorre

Yanina Latorre was born on March 24, 1969 in Argentina.
In 2017 her marriage was rocked after proof her husband's infidelity came to light. 

11. Marcela Banos

Marcela Banos was born on November 21, 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She was the first female announcer of Superclásico's stadium. 

12. Alejandra Salas

Alejandra Salas was born on July 10, 1970 in Argentina.
She was featured in Clarion magazine in November 2017 talking about the future of radio.