Top 20 Race Car Driver celebrities in Brazil

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Race Car Driver celebrities [Updated March 26, 2023].

1. Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna net worth 2020
Ayrton Senna was born on March 21, 1960 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He had a long-running rivalry with driver Alain Prost.

Net Worth 2020: $100 Million

2. Rubens Barrichello

Rubens Barrichello net worth 2020
Rubens Barrichello was born on May 23, 1972 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He finished his career in the all-time top ten of points scored in Formula One history.

Net Worth 2020: $100 Million

3. Helio Castroneves

Helio Castroneves net worth 2020
Helio Castroneves was born on May 10, 1975 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He was given the nickname of Spiderman because of the way he celebrates victories by climbing fences.

Net Worth 2020: $40 Million

4. Tony Kanaan

Tony Kanaan net worth 2020
Tony Kanaan was born on December 31, 1974 in Salvador, Brazil.
He won his first Indianapolis 500 in 2013 after 7 straight years of finishing near the top.

Net Worth 2020: $20 Million

5. Lucas di Grassi

Lucas di Grassi net worth 2020
Lucas di Grassi was born on August 11, 1984 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
In 2014, he started competing in Formula E, a strictly electric racing class. He won the inaugural Beijing ePrix that same year.

6. Roberto Moreno

Roberto Moreno net worth 2020
Roberto Moreno was born on February 11, 1959 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
He became a substitute driver late in his career, replacing injured drivers majority of the time.

7. Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa net worth 2020
Felipe Massa was born on April 25, 1981 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
His Formula One career initially commenced with Sauber, but in 2003, he signed on as a test driver with Ferrari.

Salary 2020: USD 16,250,000 per year

8. Felipe Nasr

Felipe Nasr net worth 2020
Felipe Nasr was born on August 21, 1992 in Brasilia, Brazil.
He is fluent in Portuguese, Italian and English.

9. Emerson Fittipaldi

Emerson Fittipaldi net worth 2020
Emerson Fittipaldi was born on December 12, 1946 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
After recovering from a plane crash, he became a born-again Christian.

10. Nelson Piquet

Nelson Piquet net worth 2020
Nelson Piquet was born on August 17, 1952 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
In 1981, 1983, and 1987, he was crowned Formula One champion.

11. Adibe Marque

Adibe Marque net worth 2020
Adibe Marque was born on May 23, 1998 in Brazil.
He has appeared in YouTube videos alongside Flavia Pavanelli on her channel. He can be seen in videos like "TAG: MAIS PROVÁVEL COM ADIBE" and "DESAFIO DO 'TROCA' COM ADIBE."

12. Dudu Barrichello

Dudu Barrichello net worth 2020
Dudu Barrichello was born on September 23, 2001 in Brazil.
He became a member of the DC Autosport team in 2018.

13. Atila Abreu

Atila Abreu net worth 2020
Atila Abreu was born on May 10, 1987 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He is known for having won the Stock Car Brasil championship in 2010. 

14. Tiago Romano

Tiago Romano net worth 2020
Tiago Romano was born on May 3, 1989 in Brazil.
He is a member of the Brazilian drifting team, and is sponsored by brands like Easy Parts, Motorgrid Brazil, and Toys For Boys. 

15. Christian Fittipaldi

Christian Fittipaldi net worth 2020
Christian Fittipaldi was born on January 18, 1971 in Brazil.
He competed in the CART World Series from 1995 to 2002.

16. Caca Bueno

Caca Bueno net worth 2020
Caca Bueno was born on July 24, 1976 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
In 2010, he ran a Chevrolet Vectra on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

17. Bruno Senna

Bruno Senna net worth 2020
Bruno Senna was born on October 15, 1983 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Formula One racer who followed the footsteps of his uncle, former world champion Ayrton Senna.

He joined Formula One in 2010, wearing a slightly modified version of his uncle's well-known helmet design.

18. Bruno Junqueira

Bruno Junqueira net worth 2020
Bruno Junqueira was born on November 4, 1976 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
He joined the CART Championship Car series in 2001, driving for Chip Ganassi Racing.

19. Bia Figueiredo

Bia Figueiredo net worth 2020
Bia Figueiredo was born on March 18, 1985 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
She has 120,000 total followers on Instagram.

20. Antonio Lindback

Antonio Lindback net worth 2020
Antonio Lindback was born on May 5, 1985 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
He retired from racing in 2007, only to return again in 2008.