Top 20 Queen celebrities in England

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Queen celebrities [Updated June 29, 2022].

1. Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II net worth 2020
Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926 in London, England.
Helen Mirren won an academy award in 2007 for portraying her in the film The Queen.

Salary 2020: $64.5 million

2. Elizabeth I of England

Elizabeth I of England net worth 2020
Elizabeth I of England was born on September 7, 1533 in Greenwich, England.

The Virgin Queen who, during her reign from 1558 to 1603, saw England thrive politically and culturally in an era known as the Elizabethan era. She came to power after the death of her half-sister Mary I, who had previously kept her imprisoned for a year. 

She was known as the Virgin Queen for her steadfast resolve to never marry and she established an English Protestant church, of which she became the Supreme Governor.

3. Mary I of England

Mary I of England net worth 2020
Mary I of England was born on February 18, 1516 in London, England.
She restored Roman Catholicism in her country.

4. Elizabeth The Queen Mother

Elizabeth The Queen Mother net worth 2020
Elizabeth The Queen Mother was born on August 4, 1900 in Hitchin, England.

Wife of King George VI and the mother of Queen Elizabeth II who was the queen consort of the United Kingdom from 1936 to 1952. She provided moral support to the British public during World War II. 

She married King George VI in 1923 and she became Queen Consort when he unexpectedly became king after his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated in order to marry Wallis Simpson.

5. Mary II Of England

Mary II Of England net worth 2020
Mary II Of England was born on April 30, 1662 in England.

Queen of England who shared power with her husband William II from 1689 to 1694. She and her husband were both Protestants who came to power in the aftermath of the Glorious Revolution, which deposed her father James II and VII. 

She served as an advisor to William II when he was in England, and ruled in his stead when he was away at war.

6. Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria net worth 2020
Queen Victoria was born on May 24, 1819 in London, England.

Queen of the United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901. A national emblem of morality, she oversaw a period of great expansion in the British Empire and had the longest reign of any monarch until Queen Elizabeth II surpassed her in 2015. 

She reigned for nearly sixty-four years.

7. Emily Russell

Emily Russell net worth 2020
Emily Russell was born on September 9, 1843 in England.
She served as a bridesmaid in the 1863 wedding of Princess Alexandra of Denmark and Edward, Prince of Wales.

8. Mary of Teck

Mary of Teck net worth 2020
Mary of Teck was born on May 26, 1867 in England.

Initially famous as the wife and queen consort of King George V of England, Mary of Teck assumed the status of queen mother when her sons Edward and Albert ruled England. 

In the late 1890s, Mary of Teck received the title of Patron of the London Needlework Guild.

9. Elizabeth Cavendish Stuart

Elizabeth Cavendish Stuart was born in England.

Englishwoman who became the Countess of Lennox after secretly marrying Charles Stuart, 1st Earl of Lennox, in 1574. 

She died at the age of twenty-six, just six years after her husband had succumbed to tuberculosis.

10. Diana Anderson

Diana Anderson was born on January 29, 1935 in England.
She was a recipient of the prestigious Royal Red Cross Medal.