Top 20 Psychologist celebrities in United States

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Psychologist celebrities [Updated June 29, 2022].

1. Philip Zimbardo

Philip Zimbardo net worth 2020
Philip Zimbardo was born on March 23, 1933 in United States.
He wrote the book The Lucifer Effect to discuss how good people do evil things.

Net Worth 2020: $5 Million

2. B. F. Skinner

B. F. Skinner net worth 2020
B. F. Skinner was born on March 20, 1904 in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, United States, United States.

3. Timothy Francis Leary

Timothy Francis Leary net worth 2020
Timothy Francis Leary was born on October 22, 1920 in Springfield, United States.

4. Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman net worth 2020
Daniel Kahneman was born on March 5, 1934 in Tel Aviv, Israel, United States.

Salary 2020: $75,000

5. Abraham Maslow

Abraham Maslow net worth 2020
Abraham Maslow was born on April 1, 1908 in Brooklyn, United States.

6. William Glasser

William Glasser net worth 2020
William Glasser was born on May 11, 1925 in Cleveland, United States.

7. Douglas Hofstadter

Douglas Hofstadter net worth 2020
Douglas Hofstadter was born on February 15, 1945 in United States.
Hofstadter's law, which he named after himself, states that it always takes longer to complete tasks of substantial complexity than you originally thought it would.

8. BF Skinner

BF Skinner net worth 2020
BF Skinner was born on March 20, 1904 in Susquehana Depot, United States.
He invented the operant conditioning chamber, a laboratory apparatus used in the experimental analysis of behavior to study animal behavior.

9. Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer net worth 2020
Michael Shermer was born on September 8, 1954 in United States.
A former fundamentalist Christian, he established the Skeptics Society in 1992.

10. Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis was born on September 27, 1913 in United States.
He was influenced by Sigmund Freud and based a lot of his methods on his research.

11. Emily Rosa

Emily Rosa net worth 2020
Emily Rosa was born on February 6, 1987 in Loveland, United States.
She did the keynote address at the 1998 Ig Nobel Ceremonies at Harvard.

12. William James

William James net worth 2020
William James was born on January 11, 1842 in New York City, New York, United States.

13. Irene Pepperberg

Irene Pepperberg net worth 2020
Irene Pepperberg was born on April 1, 1949 in United States.
She has been involved in wildlife conservation and is the President of the non-profit organization The Alex Foundation.

14. Edwin Boring

Edwin Boring net worth 2020
Edwin Boring was born on October 23, 1886 in Philadelphia, United States.
Emphasizing experimental observation over philosophy, he created, among other things, the illusory portraits that showed either an old woman or a young woman.

15. Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey net worth 2020
Alfred Kinsey was born on June 23, 1894 in Hoboken, United States.
He developed the revolutionary Kinsey Scale, which measures an individual's sexual orientation on a range from 0 to 6, where 0 is exclusively heterosexual and 6 is exclusively homosexual. He is the subject of the 2004 film Kinsey, where he is played by Liam Neeson.

16. Lloyd Morrisett

Lloyd Morrisett net worth 2020
Lloyd Morrisett was born on November 2, 1929 in United States.
In 1969, the same year in which Sesame Street debuted, Morrisett became president of the John and Mary Markle Foundation.

17. Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers net worth 2020
Carl Rogers was born on January 8, 1902 in Oak Park, United States.
He believed that every individual had the potential to realize their goals and aspirations, and in so doing, becoming self-actualized.

18. John B Watson

John B Watson net worth 2020
John B Watson was born on January 9, 1878 in United States.
He had a tumultuous childhood: his mother was religious and strict, and his father suffered from alcoholism and deserted the family when Watson was in his early teens.

19. Jerome Bruner

Jerome Bruner net worth 2020
Jerome Bruner was born on October 1, 1915 in United States.
He published numerous books including A Study of Thinking in 1956 and Actual Minds, Possible Worlds in 1985.

20. Umar Johnson

Umar Johnson net worth 2020
Umar Johnson was born on August 21, 1974 in United States.
He's known for his conservative, Afrocentric cultural outlook and views. He opposes interracial marriage and has refused to lend his support to LGBTQ members of the African American community.