Top 20 Producer celebrities in France

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Producer celebrities [Updated February 7, 2023].

1. Bob Sinclar

Bob Sinclar net worth 2020
Bob Sinclar was born on May 10, 1969 in Bois-Colombes, France.
He released multiple #1 U.S. dance singles, including "Together" and "Sound of Freedom." He favored the French touch of house music and filtered disco strings.

Net Worth 2020: $8 Million

2. Darius

Darius net worth 2020
Darius was born on October 10, 1989 in Paris, France.
His song "Espoir" off his Romance EP has reached over two million plays and growing.

3. Mehdi Benjelloun

Mehdi Benjelloun net worth 2020
Mehdi Benjelloun was born on November 10, 1999 in Rouen, France.
His hit singles "Sunset Lover" and "Iceland" both peaked on the FRA chart at #6 and #67, respectively.

4. Laurent Garnier

Laurent Garnier net worth 2020
Laurent Garnier was born on February 1, 1966 in France.
Some of his most popular charted singles include 2005's "Man with the Red Face" and 1997's "Crispy Bacon." 

5. Dj Weedim

Dj Weedim net worth 2020
Dj Weedim was born on July 22, 1981 in France.
He accompanied Seth Gueko on his La Toure des Bars tour.

6. In Love With A Ghost

In Love With A Ghost net worth 2020
In Love With A Ghost was born on April 28, 1995 in France.
Their 2016 YouTube video for "We've Never Met But, Can We Have a Coffee or Something?" has been viewed more than 5 million times.

7. Cash Money Ap

Cash Money Ap net worth 2020
Cash Money Ap was born on May 19, 1995 in France.

Producer who has crafted beats for some of the biggest names in hip-hop, including Migos, Chief Keef and Young Thug. He has also built a following on SoundCloud and YouTube with beats created to imitate the styles of a variety of popular producers. 

His free beat "Goons," which is described as a "21 Savage type beat," has been played more than 2 million times on YouTube. 

8. Brunel Valentin

Brunel Valentin net worth 2020
Brunel Valentin was born on December 18, 1996 in Aix-en-Provence, France.
In 2016, he released the popular single "Don't You Know" which featured Jamie N Commons.

9. Brodinski

Brodinski net worth 2020
Brodinski was born on June 13, 1987 in France.
He is verified on Instagram and has 70,000 total followers on Instagram.

10. Madeon

Madeon net worth 2020
Madeon was born on May 30, 1994 in Nantes, France.
He won a remix competition for his version of the Pendulum song The Island the same year he chose the name Madeon.

11. Xenia Ghali

Xenia Ghali net worth 2020
Xenia Ghali was born on August 14, 1989 in Paris, France.
She composed the soundtrack for world-renowned designer Michael Costello's fashion show video. She has performed alongside such DJs as Erick Morillo, DubVision, and Don Diablo and at venues ranging from the Ministry of Sound London to Cavo Paradiso Mykonos.

12. Dany Synthé

Dany Synthé net worth 2020
Dany Synthé was born on December 27, 1991 in France.

Producer who has become a major force in French hip-hop through his work with such artists as Maitre Gims, Kids United and Booba. He has served as a judge on the talent show Nouvelle Star. 

His work on the Ruben Blades album Salsa Big Band (2017) earned him a Latin Grammy Award for Album of the Year. 

13. Christophe Barratier

Christophe Barratier net worth 2020
Christophe Barratier was born on June 17, 1963 in  Paris, France, France.

14. Jeremy Zag

Jeremy Zag net worth 2020
Jeremy Zag was born on March 24, 1985 in France.
Outside of his animation and entrepreneurial career, he has served as the President of the International Karate-Do Shotokan-Ryu Kase Ha World Federation.

15. Jean-Jacques Perrey

Jean-Jacques Perrey net worth 2020
Jean-Jacques Perrey was born on January 20, 1929 in France.
His song Chicken on the Rocks was used in South Park, and he also released the CD Destination Space, a collaboration with Dana Countryman, in 2008.

16. Andre Weinfeld

Andre Weinfeld net worth 2020
Andre Weinfeld was born on April 6, 1957 in France.
He has worked with many musicians, including Eric Clapton and Janis Joplin.

17. Louis Lumiere

Louis Lumiere net worth 2020
Louis Lumiere was born on October 5, 1864 in France.
He was a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

18. Proleter

Proleter net worth 2020
Proleter was born on October 20, 1982 in France.

Hip hop music producer and self-proclaimed beat maker who has risen to fame for singles like "L.O.V.E." and "Throw It Back." He is also well known for doing viral musical tributes to artists like Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong

He has a YouTube channel, proleterbeats, where he has earned more than 110,000 subscribers posting his original music. 

19. Sandy Vee

Sandy Vee net worth 2020
Sandy Vee was born on April 22, 1975 in Toulouse, France.

Producer, DJ and songwriter who has helped to create hit songs by some of the biggest stars in music, including Rihanna's "(Only Girl) In the World" and Katy Perry's "Firework." He has also won fans for original tracks like "Bleep," "Sunrise" and "Be Together."

His work on "Only Girl (In the World)" earned him a Grammy for Best Dance Recording in 2011.

20. Mickael Zibi

Mickael Zibi net worth 2020
Mickael Zibi was born on March 9, 1982 in France.
He also founded a health food takeout company called Fresh Box Green in 2011.