Top 20 Prime Ministers celebrities in British

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Prime Ministers celebrities [Updated May 20, 2022].

1. Stanley Baldwin

Stanley Baldwin net worth 2020
Stanley Baldwin was born on August 3, 1867 in Bewdley, British.

2. William Pitt the Younger

William Pitt the Younger net worth 2020
William Pitt the Younger was born on May 28, 1759 in Hayes, Bromley, British.

3. Anthony Eden

Anthony Eden net worth 2020
Anthony Eden was born on June 12, 1897 in Windlestone Hall, British.

4. Robert Walpole

Robert Walpole net worth 2020
Robert Walpole was born on August 26, 1676 in Houghton, Norfolk, British.

5. Robert Peel

Robert Peel net worth 2020
Robert Peel was born on February 5, 1788 in Ramsbottom, British.

6. Ramsay MacDonald

Ramsay MacDonald net worth 2020
Ramsay MacDonald was born on October 12, 1866 in Lossiemouth, British.

7. Lord North

Lord North net worth 2020
Lord North was born on April 13, 1732 in Piccadilly, British.

8. Andrew Bonar Law

Andrew Bonar Law net worth 2020
Andrew Bonar Law was born on September 16, 1858 in Rexton, British.