Top 20 Pop Singer celebrities in Armenia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Pop Singer celebrities [Updated June 2, 2023].

1. Sirusho

Sirusho net worth 2020
Sirusho was born on January 7, 1987 in Yerevan, Armenia.
She founded her own jewelry line called Pregomesh, which specializes in silver handmade jewelry collections, featuring exquisite combinations of new trends with old Armenian traditions.

2. Lidushik

Lidushik net worth 2020
Lidushik was born on July 11, 1999 in Armenia.
She is known for having won the special prize from the RaiUno TV channel which allowed her to take part in the popular Italian TV series Ti Iascio Una Canzone. 

3. Eva Rivas

Eva Rivas net worth 2020
Eva Rivas was born on July 13, 1987 in Yerevan, Armenia.
She performed in the Armenian ensemble known as Arevik. 

4. Srbuk

Srbuk net worth 2020
Srbuk was born on April 3, 1994 in Yerevan, Armenia.
She is also known for having represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 which took place in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

5. Armenchik

Armenchik net worth 2020
Armenchik was born on August 8, 1980 in Yerevan, Armenia.
He moved back to Armenia for a year in 1998.

6. Christine Pepelyan

Christine Pepelyan net worth 2020
Christine Pepelyan was born on April 22, 1980 in Yerevan, Armenia.
She was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2003 National Music Awards and Best Singer the following year. 

7. Gevorg Martirosyan

Gevorg Martirosyan net worth 2020
Gevorg Martirosyan was born on June 4, 1983 in Armenia.
He is also an actor who is known for appearing on the Armenian television series Full House. 

8. Mihran Tsarukyan

Mihran Tsarukyan was born on September 22, 1987 in Yerevan, Armenia.
He played Arsen on the Armenian series Full House.

9. Artsvik Harutyunyan

Artsvik Harutyunyan was born on October 21, 1984 in Kapan, Armenia.
She chose to perform the song "Fly with Me" at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

10. Emma Bejanyan

Emma Bejanyan was born on April 12, 1984 in Armenia.
She represented Armenia at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.