Top 20 Politician celebrities in Australia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Politician celebrities [Updated December 7, 2022].

1. Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer net worth 2020
Clive Palmer was born on March 26, 1954 in Melbourne, Australia.
In 2008, he became the owner of the Gold Coast United Football (soccer) Club.

Net Worth 2020: $2.2 Billion

2. Peter Garrett

Peter Garrett net worth 2020
Peter Garrett was born on April 16, 1953 in Australia.
He was voted to the Australian House of Representatives in 2004, and a year later he was appointed Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Reconciliation and the Arts.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

3. Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop net worth 2020
Julie Bishop was born on July 17, 1956 in Australia.
Under the administration of Prime Minister John Howard, she served as both Minister for Aging and Minister for Education, Science, and Training.

4. Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull net worth 2020
Malcolm Turnbull was born on October 24, 1954 in Sydney, Australia.
He published several politically-themed nonfiction works, including Fighting for the Republic: the Ultimate Insider's Account and The Spycatcher Trial.

5. John Moore

John Moore net worth 2020
John Moore was born on November 16, 1936 in Australia.
From 1996 to 1998, he served as Australia's Vice-President of the Federal Executive Council. He outlined his visionary plan for Australian defense reform in a document titled Defence 2000: Our Future Defence Force.

Salary 2020: 1.75 million USD (2017)

6. Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd net worth 2020
Kevin Rudd was born on September 21, 1957 in Nambour, Australia.
Among his first actions as Prime Minister was to issue an official apology to Indigenous Australians for government's forced separation of indigenous families from 1909 to 1969.

7. Jamie Briggs

Jamie Briggs net worth 2020
Jamie Briggs was born on June 9, 1977 in Australia.
He became Chairman of the Coalition's Scrutiny of Government Waste Committee in 2010.

8. Dick Adams

Dick Adams net worth 2020
Dick Adams was born on April 29, 1951 in Australia.
He became a National Ambassador of the National Year of Reading in 2012.

9. Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison net worth 2020
Scott Morrison was born on May 13, 1968 in Australia.
He was heavily criticized for his role in implementing Operation Sovereign Borders, a program created to deter people from seeking asylum in Australia.

10. Kate Jones

Kate Jones net worth 2020
Kate Jones was born on April 10, 1979 in Australia.
She adopted pink as her campaign color, as opposed to the traditional red and blue colors of the Labor Party.

11. Kate Ellis

Kate Ellis net worth 2020
Kate Ellis was born on September 22, 1977 in Australia.
She was the youngest person in history to serve as Minister for Youth and Minister for Sport.

12. John Grey Gorton

John Grey Gorton net worth 2020
John Grey Gorton was born on September 9, 1911 in Australia.
He is the only Australian Senator to have ever been elected Prime Minister.

13. John Pascoe Fawkner

John Pascoe Fawkner net worth 2020
John Pascoe Fawkner was born on October 20, 1792 in Australia.
He purchased the schooner Enterprize in 1835 to search for a suitable site in the Port Phillip District.

14. Joe Hockey

Joe Hockey net worth 2020
Joe Hockey was born on August 2, 1965 in Sydney, Australia.
He is known for his speeches regarding religious diversity and equality.

15. Harold Holt

Harold Holt net worth 2020
Harold Holt was born on August 5, 1908 in Australia.
He disappeared while swimming in December 1967 and was presumed to have drowned.

16. Gough Whitlam

Gough Whitlam net worth 2020
Gough Whitlam was born on July 11, 1916 in Australia.
He became the first Prime Minister to be terminated during his term when Governor-General Sir John Kerry dismissed him in 1975.

17. Gary Humphries

Gary Humphries net worth 2020
Gary Humphries was born on July 6, 1958 in Sydney, Australia.
He was a member of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly from 1989 to 1995.

18. Edmund Barton

Edmund Barton net worth 2020
Edmund Barton was born on January 18, 1849 in Sydney, Australia.
He served as a justice of the High Court for the final 17 years of his life.

19. Edith Cowan

Edith Cowan net worth 2020
Edith Cowan was born on August 2, 1861 in Geraldton, Australia.
She was a freemason and her portrait is featured on the back of Australia's $50 note.

20. Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews net worth 2020
Daniel Andrews was born on July 6, 1972 in Australia.
He was suspended from Parliament for three days for disorderly conduct in September 2013.