Top 20 Poet celebrities in Wales

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Poet celebrities [Updated August 11, 2022].

1. ClickForTaz

ClickForTaz net worth 2020
ClickForTaz was born on October 27, 1993 in Cardiff, Wales.
She started doing guest appearances and performing her spoken poetry live in 2016.

2. Dannie Abse

Dannie Abse net worth 2020
Dannie Abse was born on September 22, 1923 in Wales.
He was born into a Jewish family in Wales and was the younger brother of Wilfred Abse, a psychoanalyst. His other brother, Leo Abse, was a prominent politician.

3. Alun Lewis

Alun Lewis was born on July 1, 1915 in Wales.
He died in Burma from a self-inflicted, accidental gunshot wound to the head.

4. Glyn Jones

Glyn Jones was born on February 28, 1905 in Wales.
He was given an award in 1971 by the Arts Council of Wales and was elected President of the Welsh Academy a few years later.

5. Ruth Manning Sanders

Ruth Manning Sanders was born on August 21, 1886 in Wales.
She and her husband worked for Rosaire's traveling circus during the early years of their marriage.

6. Gillian Clarke

Gillian Clarke net worth 2020
Gillian Clarke was born on June 8, 1937 in Wales.
She grew up in Wales as an English speaker and learned the Welsh language in her early adulthood.

7. George Herbert

George Herbert net worth 2020
George Herbert was born on April 3, 1593 in Wales.
His poem "The Altar" is a pattern poem: it is printed on the page in a visual form that resembles an altar.

8. Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas net worth 2020
Dylan Thomas was born on October 27, 1914 in Swansea, Wales.
He read and performed his poetic works throughout the United States during the early 1950s. Tragically, he died at the young age of thirty-nine while on the New York leg of his American literary tour.

9. Arthur William Symons

Arthur William Symons net worth 2020
Arthur William Symons was born on February 28, 1865 in Wales.
He had a psychological breakdown in 1909 and, as he recounts in Confessions: A Study in Pathology, published hardly any work for over twenty years.

10. William Henry Davies

William Henry Davies net worth 2020
William Henry Davies was born on July 3, 1871 in Wales.
He spent many years as a vagrant in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

11. RS Thomas

RS Thomas was born on March 29, 1913 in Wales.
His popular late works, which focused on Welsh culture, sold close to 20,000 copies each in Great Britain.

12. Vernon Watkins

Vernon Watkins was born on June 27, 1906 in Wales.
He suffered from a heart condition but refused to let his illness stop him from playing tennis. Sadly, he died in Seattle at the age of sixty-one, while playing his favorite sport.

13. Waldo Williams

Waldo Williams was born on September 30, 1904 in Wales.
He was a pacifist during the Korean War era and was later arrested for refusing to pay his taxes.