Top 20 Poet celebrities in El Salvador

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Poet celebrities [Updated May 29, 2022].

1. Pedro Geoffroy Rivas

Pedro Geoffroy Rivas net worth 2020
Pedro Geoffroy Rivas was born on September 16, 1908 in El Salvador.
His first major work of poetry, Canciones en el viento, was published in 1933.

2. Claudia Lars

Claudia Lars net worth 2020
Claudia Lars was born on December 20, 1899 in El Salvador.
She published more than twelve books of poetry and one memoir over the course of her career.

3. Roque Dalton

Roque Dalton net worth 2020
Roque Dalton was born on May 14, 1935 in San Salvador, El Salvador.
He was a member of the People's Revolutionary Army and was murdered by members of the group who disagreed with his politics.

4. Manlio Argueta

Manlio Argueta net worth 2020
Manlio Argueta was born on November 24, 1935 in El Salvador.
He belonged to the Committed Generation, a literary group whose members were engaged in social and political activism.

5. Salarrue

Salarrue was born on October 22, 1899 in El Salvador.
His most famous works are two short story collections: Children's Stories and Tales of Clay.