Top 20 Poet celebrities in Bosnia And Herzegovina

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Poet celebrities [Updated October 2, 2022].

1. Sasha Skenderija

Sasha Skenderija net worth 2020
Sasha Skenderija was born on July 4, 1968 in Bosnia And Herzegovina.
He was employed by the Prague National Technical Library.

2. Aleksa Santic

Aleksa Santic net worth 2020
Aleksa Santic was born on May 27, 1868 in Bosnia And Herzegovina.
Following his 1924 death, a village in Serbia was re-named Aleksa Santic in his honor.

3. Jovan Ducic

Jovan Ducic net worth 2020
Jovan Ducic was born on February 17, 1871 in Trebinje, Bosnia And Herzegovina.
His modernist poetry is known for its impressionistic tones.

4. Miljenko Jergovic

Miljenko Jergovic net worth 2020
Miljenko Jergovic was born on June 28, 1966 in Bosnia And Herzegovina.
His work has been translated into many languages.

5. Musa Cazim Catic

Musa Cazim Catic net worth 2020
Musa Cazim Catic was born on March 12, 1878 in Bosnia And Herzegovina.
He served in the Austro-Hungarian Army from 1899 until 1902.

6. Skender Kulenovic

Skender Kulenovic net worth 2020
Skender Kulenovic was born on September 2, 1910 in Bosnia And Herzegovina.
His image could be found on currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

7. Izet Sarajlic

Izet Sarajlic was born on March 16, 1930 in Bosnia And Herzegovina.
His work was translated into fifteen languages.